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What is it 2–The answer

Remember this?

Here is another view.

And finally.

Yup–it is our garbage can lid.  It had gotten wet and a bit muddy then realizing i was a puddle attracting mosquitoes we flipped it over to dry in the grass.  We finally figured out that the swirlies were from the grass underneath and it made this awesome texture.

Now you can look at it again.  Isn’t that awesome!

What is it? session 2

This morning my husband dragged me outside to look at a cool thing.  We looked at each other after staring for a while and said, “We need a pictures of this.”  Here it is.We found it outside this morning.

Hint one: We found it outside this morning.

Here is another view.

Hint two: It was not done by a human though it is on something humans use.

Hint three: It is not on a painting or on a window.  It is in a very unusual place and my response when seeing it was “The would make a great blog background but I am not sure I could stomach it.”

I will post the answer to on Monday.

Wordless Wednesday: What is it?

My husband’s cousins brought this back from Tanzania and showed it to us on Monday. I forgot to take pictures so I emailed her and asked for a picture–it just came in my email! It took all of us some time and a few clues to figure out what it is.

What do you think it is? If you homeschool have the kids guess as well. I will give the answer tomorrow.