WfmW: I’m Bored Edition

What works for me when I hear “Mom, I am bored?”

I put them to work.  Really. Yes, work.  Really.

Now I should mention here that we expect them to entertain themselves.  As my husband’s mom use dto say–“I am NOT your entertainment committee.”  That said sometimes they do need a little direction.

Now, I am not talking, “Go clean your room” type work.  Nope.  I give them something they will think is fun and set them to it.

For instance my son LOVES scrub brush and Method’s “Go Naked” multipurpose spray and let him go at it.  No it isn’t perfect but my tub is mildew free and he had fun AND I didn’t have to scrub.  

He also loves to wipe things off–I give him a wet wash cloth or a wet wipe and he will wash all my walls, counter tops, and the fronts of all the cupboard, plus all the door knobs.  With 5 people home constantly those things get gross.

With the girls it is trickier.  Letting them dust is a big one.  We got a free sample of Swiffer Dusters in the mail and they LOVE using those though they are just as happy with an old sock really (and the sock seems to work as well.  (On the other hand the Febreeze allergy reducer stuff REALLY WORKS!!!!  They LOVE spraying it on the curtains and furniture.)  They also like washing the car and cleaning windows and mirrors, when I let them.  (They go through too much spray and I always feel like I should be helping them–which I hate.)

Essie will also hang out the laundry to dry–she loves that, and Rachel will work on cleaning projects with specific goals willingly (like the basement so we can have an art class there or getting ready for the yard sale this weekend, or cleaning so we can have company.)

Not that they are actually bored that often–they spend most of their free time playing Wii, reading books, or helping the neighbors with their gardens.  Which is why my house is seldom actually clean–they are too busy MAKING messes to need me to let them clean them up.

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Works for me Wednesday: Frugal clay facial mask


This is kind of off topic for my site though it is a frugal thing that we use so maybe not so much.You know those expensive clay masks for cleansing your skin that they sell in the health food stores (I am sure they sell them elsewhere too.)  Clay masks work wonders for clearing your skin and also work well for spot cleansing on a white or black head.  We also use moistened volcanic clay to draw out any sort of non-open skin infection–you just put a dab of the clay on the area that is affected–dab moistened clay on spot, let it dry, wash off.

The problem is they are also expensive.  Around here a small jar or tube costs $6 to $15.

yhst-34946187506477_1994_1150681015.jpegThere are plenty of recipes online for different homemade clay masks.  A quick google search will bring up dozens.  Our favorite is Bentonite powder which is a soft, volcanic clay known for its ability to absorb toxins. I buy Now brand which is only about $3 a bottle and lasts for about a year of use.  This clay is dry so I reconstitute it buy soaking it for over night with equal parts powder and water.  The result is a clay that you can use straight like I prefer for infections, pimples, and mask or you can combine with essential oils, honey, and/or yogurt to make a nice mask.

Works for me Wednesday

I have mentioned before that one way we save money is having a big shopping trip once a month and a smaller, perishable foods trip biweekly. We have pretty standard fair in our house and I can plan the next month’s shopping trip based on the last one. I hate spending too much time shopping–it makes for cranky kids and I hate spending lots of time planning. Instead I have several tricks up my sleeve.Read More

Works for Me Wednesday: Budgeting foods

Last week I explained how we shop once a month for the main bulk items and then every two weeks for the stuff you are bound to run out of or which will spoil.

Now, our whole family is home all day everyday.  My husband works from home, so do I, and we homeschool our three little lunatics angels.  We don’t do menus or even planned meals because we are together constantly and interact constantly and eat pretty much when we are hungry and what we are hungry for.  This means that we will go on food kicks and the kids will eat all the eggs in less than a week or my husband will eat all the pretzels or I will eat all my chocolate  almonds.  Whatever.

The point is that yes, we do run out of things. We will run out of things.  We are bound to run out of things.   In the past this is what got us into trouble.  The whole point is NOT to run out to the store just because we are out of saltines since that is when I spend extra money.

Instead, everyone knows that I bought this enough food to last a month and other than a few perishables that I will pick up  on my “small” grocery trip at the two week mark, it will ast us till the next big shopping trip.  I have my grocery days on the calendar so the kids know how long before the next shopping trip and if they decide that they want to eat all the waffles this week then they will have to wait for the next “big” shopping trip for more waffles.  If they finish off the eggs or some other “small” item (anything that is refrigerated falls into this category because our family owns a fridge that once belonged to my single aunt–its a bit small) then they wait for my next two week trip.  Both are marked on the calendar.

This way everyone knows that if they want waffles during the rest of the month they had better not eat them all the first week.  I like to think of it as training them to budget their foods so the good stuff lasts. 🙂 It also teachesd them patienc and wisdom and saves us money.