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One Sad Bunny

A while ago I did a portrait with a little girl who was holding a bunny.  I guess that little bunny got a hold on me because I noticed that he showed up in another recent painting and now he got one all to himself.  I had planned to have him sitting there all alone but  somehow he looked so downtrodden and sad sitting there that I decide he needed some cheering up and gave him some tea party things and a paper crown. It doesn’t seem to have made much difference.  Poor thing.  I honestly don’t think anything would cheer him.

IF: Worry

You know how some kids can get all sorts of bumps and bruises and never care a bit?  My son is not one of those.  He worries about the slightest bump crying, “Mom, I have a bleeding cut!” at the slightest scratch.  He happily worries over each of his injuries, checking beneath the band aid to make sure it is all right.  You can imagine what happens when he falls from his bike.

Not thrilled with this portrait–not exactly what I was going for but I have done worse. This was done without the benefit of pictures to work from since the kids are away today.  I did it on my new watercolor block–8″ x 11″–very different from the sizes I usually work with.   Not sure I call it finished but we shall see if I mess with it anymore.

Illustration Friday : Wide

A test run for a possible illustration later on.  This is much wider and more filled in than anything I have done up until now (unless you count the unicorn in a field of flowers that I did for a contest when I was in 4th grade and which got passed over for a prize because another kids mother was the judge of the contest and she picked HER child’s art.  Stupid art contest. ;P)  This isn’t exactly what I am going for but it gave me an idea of what I could accomplish if I went this direction.

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My work space

A lot of artists work in a studio–I work at my computer desk.  I used to have a studio space in the basement and in the garage when I was using oils but nowadays I am working with watercolors and find that working at my desk with a photo on the monitor does the trick.  I also carry a small watercolor tablet with me so I can do my doodles when I am out.   Usually I don’t paint it or ink it until I get home though I try to keep my ink pen and a small case of watercolors with me, just in case.

The kids often sit on the floor nearby while I am working, working on their own watercolors or in work books.  They also run in constantly showing me their latest projects.  (Shamus’ desk is behind mine, across the room.  Poor guy gets to deal with our constant interruptions while he is trying to concentrate.)