Tuesday Prompt: First thing you see

This week’s Tuesday prompt is: Walk outside, what is the first thing you see?

You can write about it, draw it, photograph it, imagine it, whatever as long as you have fun.

In our case, when you walk out onto our front porch the very first thing you see is a tree.  A large, carpenter ant infested sugar maple to be exact.  One that sits directly in front of our front porch, symmetric to the one the previous owners planted directly in front of the back porch, and parallel to the ones they planted at each corner of the house.

Being that it is rather dark outside and I can’t see a thing if I look out I thought I would use a previous doodle for this week. 🙂  (And yes, the ear infection seems to be mostly gone –Buried Treasure ACF plus an occasional drop of peroxide in the ear seems to have done the trick.)

You can find the list of prompts here if you want to take part next week.