Steelers Game

My mom and step-dad took my baby brother and I to a Steelers pre-game last night (an early birthday present for me.  They had an extra ticket and I had never been to a game.)  The traffic was incredible.  We left an hour early, jumped out of the car on the ramp half a mile away from the stadium (leaving my stepdad to wait in the huge line to go park), kick off happened while we were still waiting at the gate.  My step-dad didn’t get there for another 30 min. or so.

It was a stunningly perfect day for a football game, especially for early August.  Perfect jeans and t-shirt weather with a beautiful sunset, only needing jackets towards the end.  We were on the top floor (whatever they call them) though our seats were on the low side.

In fact, we were abuot halfway up in the middle of the picture above.

And see what I mean about the sky?

You see those cars, over there by the river?  Those are all cars WAITING TO PARK!  A lot of the people standing over on the ramp are people who hadn’t gotten to their seats yet and decided to wait and watch from there.

Yes, I believe I took more photos of the Pittsburgh skyline than of the game but it was stunning!

Ain’t it pretty? (As they tend to say around here.)

Here is some more.


Oooo, the llights are coming on.

So cool.

And tho whole time my baby brother was elbowing me, flicking me, and trying to distract me from the awesome view, or maybe he wanted me to be quiet and watch the game.  This is just before they got a field goal.  Did I mention that they won?

16 to 10 against the Philadelphia whatever they are called.

See, I don’t know how this couple who was sitting below us is going to make it–he is for the Phili guys and kept screaming about them, and she is for the Steelers and screeamed when he wasn’t.

Then there was this guy, Mr. Bullhorn-voiced-shouty-pants.  He ony shouted something about efen which we finally realized was “defense” and he was sure that they could hear him all the way down on the field, or at least he was intent on trying.  He was 5 seats behind us, and everyone who could moved further away.

As we left.

The sheer quantity of people was absolutely amazing.  We got to walk all the way to the car, which was nice after sitting so long.

It was a fun time and I got to pick on my baby brother a lot and keep an eye on Mom, who broke her wrist, has it in a cast and can’t bump it or anything or they will have to do surgery.  Thanks Mom and Churck!