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Snow Play


Snow is pretty.

Iceskating 2010

Snow on ice after ice skating is pretty. I took a ton of photos of it because it reminded me of cubism.

Iceskating 2010

The creepy hole in the ice for pouring water over said ice to make it smooth is not pretty, and is rather nerve wracking.  It actually has a nice layer of ice over top and and huge bump of ice all around– no one is going through (and there is a rope nearby) but still, rather scary.  And that is my dad cleaning the ice so it would be nice the next day– keeping the ice nice when it is snowing is lots of work.

Iceskating 2010

James stole my phone and took a photo of me ice skating.  So that is me.

Iceskating 2010

And that is Rachel.  She fell, and laughed.

Issac sled riding.

Issac spent hours trying to perfect a sled riding track (with my help.) Lots of physics involved (slope, weight, gravity, angle, etc.) as well as lots of physical labor (I had a tiny metal kids shovel that I was using to perfect the ramp so he would go all the way down the hill instead of off to the side.)

More snowy photos (and ice skating photos to come.)

Kayla comes to play

In case you are wondering, yes, life has gotten even more busy in surprising sorts of ways including multiple jobs I have had to get done  which are not worth photographing (though I must mention I REALLY, REALLY hate Windows and reinstalling because people have managed to get viruses because they have done silly things) and I did manage to join the Art Center and get 2 paintings in the show this week.   I won’t go into all of it right now–I don’t have time, but I will be sharing photos of some of the more fun to photograph bits of  craziness over the next few days.

Our dear friends CJ and Kayla came for a visit over Rachel's birthday.  This is the first time Kayla has ever played in the snow.
Our dear friends CJ and Kayla came for a visit over Rachel's birthday. This is the first time Kayla has ever played in the snow.
Snowy days
At first she wasn't sure what to think of it but pretty soon she was having a hayday.
Snowy days
All three kids helped her learn to sled ride in the foot deep snow. Issac made a path.
Snowy days
Rachel was great with her (she got to babysit her a bit earlier in the day while Shamus was working in the office and Cj and I had a mom's day out. 🙂


Rachel brought me her first snowman of the year.
Rachel brought me her first snowman of the year.

No, we do not always get snow this early.  It varies.  I remember trick or treating one year in the snow and the next year in short sleeves.  Some years we have 75 degree weather around Halloween and some years we get snow storms. In fact, it is a favorite family story how the doctor had to wade through snow drifts to get to my great-grandparents house the day my grandfather was born (his birthday was 2 weeks ago.)

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Saturday Photo Hunt: Party

We are not party type people. In fact other than the kids’ birthday parties we don’t tdo them at all and even those are small. However yesterday, with it being leap day and the kids being grumpy due to the weather (it was snowing, a lot and too cold to really enjoy it) and Rachel feeling left out (she wanted to play but the other two didn’t want to do what she wanted to do) I suggested she plan something for them that they would enjoy.

It started with her creating a scavenger hunt. She wrote up about 6 clues and hid them around the house. Then she came back to me asking what the prize should be. I had a gingerbread house kit their aunt had sent that I had been holding onto for a just in case activity. She wrapped that up and hid it in the final spot.

She got her brother and sister to look for clues and helped them out since her spelling is not the best. When they found the kit they headed to the kitchen for a “house decorating party”. (Rachel donned a mask due to her severe cinnamon allergy.) After decorating it they let their daddy join in (he wanted the gum drops–all the rest of the candy was stuff no one could eat). They then put it out in the snow for the birds to enjoy.

(The snow is about a foot deep–Issac is walking on top of a layer of ice.)

A Day in the Life 21: Snow?

One of the reasons I love homeschooling is the ability to have the kids spend time with their great-grandparents (I am an oldest child of an oldest child of an oldest child–until recently MY great grandfather was still alive) and grandparents. Once a week we travel 45 minutes south-east to visit my grandmother. The kids would often prefer to stay home but it is good for them, and for me, to go. She doesn’t drive much anymore, except for church each day and her only real hobby is being on the prayer chain at church. My cousins and brothers see her even less often, they are all in school except my brother in Florida. Grandma and I don’t have much in common–she usually talks about my aunts (her sisters) and my mom and uncle or what they are doing at church. She is a talker though and I seldom have to try to make conversation–she just wants someone to listen. (Although today she talked about how expensive it was to buy prayers at church and how excited she was that some group had just sent her a plaque that promised that they would pray for her daily the rest of her life and, I am afraid to say, I laughed out loud, by mistake mind you. I was so shocked that someone would be required to PAY for prayer. I had forgotten that one and gently explained that she was prayed for without money and that it should not cost money to be prayed for. Sigh.)

When we visited this afternoon we did so with one eye on the weather–she is 45 minutes south and the weather there is always a little better than here. The sky was nearly black to one side on the way down, and once there I kept my eye on the windows while she kept checking the weather channel (which is useless may I say–I am used to checking the weather on my computer and being able to see in an instant whether there is something coming on the radar–she kept missing it on the eights and would try again, and again.) Eventually it was nearly white out and some of it was starting to stick so I said we had better go.

We left at the perfect time. By the time I got home it was starting to stick for real and you could barely see. Oh, and the temperature dropped big time. Brrr. Now I sit here in sweat pants, several shirts, a fleece shawl, and fingerless gloves trying to keep warm while doing some website work (three at once–I love how God works.). The kids are all cuddled under blankets watching a movie we froze our fingers off trying to get at Redbox outside the grocery store on the way home.

Would you believe it was sunny and clear when we left?

And, while I was writing that we got more– Check it out!

A Mob of Snowmen

Saturday, after 50 degree weather we suddenly got several inches of snow, which then melted by the end of the day, only to be replaced by great winds and freezing temperatures the next day--our weather is a bit odd. The kids took full advantage of Saturday’s snow and attempted to make a village of snowmen. It looked more like a mob to me, especially when several got their heads knocked off or were left partly made because the snow was too heavy.

I was going to show these individually and talk about what was going on but I have been gone all day and just found out I need to go out again to fix someone’s computer. My doodle will have to wait and you can just click on the slideshow if you want to see the whole gallery of pictures.