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Dragging three grumpy and stir crazy kids through the cold rain to several stores in search of boots–not fun.

We found a pair finally at Target–they cost more than I planned but I have been promised that this child who wants everything will not ask for anything else for months to make up for the $20 spent.:) We’ll see. I( could go on about all the learning that occurred today but my brain hurts.
I am tired and grumpy and instead of complaining about everything I am going off to curl up with a good book (I got a package of 4 in the mail from Amazon.com yesterday so have some reading to do) and sip some hot tea or coffee–I haven’t decided yet. The kids are off to test out Rachel’s black polka dot rain boots and get muddy and soaked. They will be in in an hour or so requiring clean clothes and a hot bath. After that they will curl up and watch Gorgeous for the third time today (once in English and once in Cantonese with English subtitles–which I prefer–you get a much better sense of the story that way and yes I prefer watching anime with subtitles than in English.) I am not just an anime fan but also a closet kung fu fan–I actually have a portrait of Bruce Lee over my desk with all my paintings. It was a gift from my brother in law. The kids have been enjoying seeing Jackie Chan at work–yes the movie has some other aspects that are less than suitable morally but which we have decided are okay in this instance and it is a great introduction to Chinese culture. We have had plenty of great discussions about various behaviors and aspects of the movie. Good stuff but I am too tired to make a whole post of it so it shall wait.

WFMW: Once a Month Shopping

Doodle to come later–I hope.

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I’m one of those people who cannot enter a store with my kids without exiting with a whole bunch of “we’re out of this, Mommy” type items and dropping $50, at least. And since my kids go everywhere with me, leaving the house gets expensive. No, I don’t give into their every want or even need–but when we are shopping on a weekly basis I end up at the store constantly.

When my kids were younger I was very organized with my shopping, I used coupons and a budget and only bought what was on my list. The problem is I spent so much time agonizing over it that my husband pointed out that since my time is worth at least $10 an hour (he figured it out) we were wasting money. And since we were wasting money with my constant “I have to run out and get this” moments and my love of running in more than one place “since I am out anyway” I needed a better, more time saving solution.Read More

Braving the Storm for a Hoodie

Yesterday it stormed. Windy, rainy, lightening-y storm. It was also 60-something degrees out. More often in February that storm would be ice and snow, though occasionally it is rain, rain, and more rain–of the flood the basement sort.

I didn’t want to go out yesterday. Of course, knowing that the next day was going to be 30-something and snowing was a bit of an incentive to get what I had to do done. While I was till at home pondering whether I really wanted to go out my mom called and told me of a huge sale at JcPenneys. She started the conversation with: “I know you usually don’t by clothes at the regular store but….75% off everything that is on sale”. (She meant I shop thrift shop for everything, and she is right.) Of course the fact that my hubby has fallen in love with a hoodie he received for Christmas and has not worn any of his other sweat shirts since was a bit of an incentive to consider a trip to Pennys (It is a “No more Cowbell ” sweatshirt, referencing a Saturday Night Live skit–it looks good on him and has made him fall in love with hoodies).

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