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Saturday Phothunt: Pointed

This week I had so many possible photos just from yesterday that it was hard to decide which to use.

The old row boat is definitely pointed.

The kids pointed multiple times.

The sticks for roasting were definitely pointed.

But I think…

that maybe…

my baby brother’s machete is the best “pointed” thing of all.

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Saturday Photohunt: Bright

There was no question when I saw the theme what photos I would use–the question was whether I would get to it or not.  Photos taken two weeks ago of the daughter of one of my dearest friends.  Not only is she a bright little thing, but most of the photos were done in bright spots of light passing through the trees and her bright laugh finish it off.

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Saturday Photohunt: Self

Well, I don’t have any recent pictures of my self other than a few drawings that I am posting over at Elasah.com so I enlisted my son to take some (not so good at taking self portraits).

Tempting to leave it at that.

But trying to be real here but I HATE this angle and usually avoid it but Issac, at age 6, this is what he sees most often.

Issac insists that my dragons be in this as well.

I have to admit my 6 year old did pretty good with the camera. 🙂

Saturday Photohunt: Time

Just as I was about to go to bed my son came running, saying his loose tooth, his first, was coming out. There was blood everywhere and the tooth was still hanging on. Turns out his big sister had been egging him on saying he should just pull it out. Daddy stepped in to help and pulled the bloody tooth out. Issac continued to bleed for some time as I showed him how to rinse his mouth out with warm salt water again and again.

It was bed time and it wasn’t quite time for the tooth to come out but his sisters thought it was time and so it became time for my once upon a time baby boy to loose his first tooth. Time passes way to quickly.

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Saturday Photohunt: Twisted


Had to brain storm this one.

Mr. Twisty from the Veggietales Jonah movie.

Monty Python.

My kids’ jewelry box.


My hair.

The headphone cord.

My son’s sense of humor (Knock, knock. Who’s there. Bed. Bed who? A bed wearing pajamas.)

Our daffodils (not sure why but they always twist like the first picture in front of the house while they twist normal on the side.)


The rope on the swing (because I am rotten at knots).


The wire on the old flag pole where the kids hung a kite. 00009.jpg

Saturday Photo Hunt: Glass



Not really impressive pictures but kind of fun–this is the window in our front door which I, on a whim, painted with stained glass paint one summer day because my husband hated that door and the fact that everyone could see in. The inside of the door itself is painted the same blue as in the painting–painter’s tape blue–the outside is plain white with green stain.

Saturday Photohunt: I Spy

This week was trickier than usual–it took actual planning since I have recently moved all my images to another computer while getting ready for my Ubuntu installation. Last night I was at a loss–no ideas. This morning I grabbed my camera and looked for “I Spy” messes (like in the books my son adores) around the house. They weren’t hard to find–I did not change anything or set anything up.:) It would have been better if I did but, oh well. The top is my son’s lego drawer, the next is his puzzle train block set, the final is our china closet where my kids like to add their treasures to the mix.

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