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Unschooling Photo Journal

With unschooling, fashion is only important if it is your passion.

There is plenty of time for concentration and imagination.

Daydreaming is key.

And carrying out those daydreams is part of the territory.

Learning starts in your own head instead of someone elses.

The world is your classroom.

And joy is a natural side affect.

Saturday Photohunt: Support

The dock and ladder provide excellent support for getting out of the pond without having to walk through the slime–especially when you are practicing all sorts of ways to jump in.

Even the big kids use it. 🙂

Of course there is also the support of the floaty bathing suits, which keep the kids safe in the deep water.

And sometimes you need the extra support a kick board will give.

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Daybook June 9

Hosted by The Simple Woman


Outside my Window…It is HOT and getting HOTTER.

I am thinking…that it is finally cooling off in here.

I am thankful …that the air conditioning is finally working again and the groceries are already gotten.

From the kitchen…groceries are put away, dishes are washed, coffee is brewed.

I am creating…some new drawing/painting ideas plus some for the books I am working on.

I am going…to have to drive the kids to VBS with no ac in the car.

I am wearing..tan shorts and a brown t-shirt, sandals, and a bun.

I am reading…nothing until I get to the library today.

I am hoping…the fans will help the ac get the house cool before hubby wakes up.

I am hearing…fans, fans, everywhere.

Around the house..the kids are playing Zelda, fans are helping the AC out, tons of yard sale remains need to be dealt with.

One of my favorite things…a cool house on a hot day, coffee, paint brushes and paints ready to go.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…the kids have VBS all week, in the evening of all things, I have some work at the antique shop to do plus need to get on the ball painting again.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…My brother giving the kids a ride around the pond on the surf board.

Saturday Photohunt: Self

Well, I don’t have any recent pictures of my self other than a few drawings that I am posting over at Elasah.com so I enlisted my son to take some (not so good at taking self portraits).

Tempting to leave it at that.

But trying to be real here but I HATE this angle and usually avoid it but Issac, at age 6, this is what he sees most often.

Issac insists that my dragons be in this as well.

I have to admit my 6 year old did pretty good with the camera. 🙂

Saturday Photohunt: Time

Just as I was about to go to bed my son came running, saying his loose tooth, his first, was coming out. There was blood everywhere and the tooth was still hanging on. Turns out his big sister had been egging him on saying he should just pull it out. Daddy stepped in to help and pulled the bloody tooth out. Issac continued to bleed for some time as I showed him how to rinse his mouth out with warm salt water again and again.

It was bed time and it wasn’t quite time for the tooth to come out but his sisters thought it was time and so it became time for my once upon a time baby boy to loose his first tooth. Time passes way to quickly.

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