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Where We Are: September 2011

This month (and the end of August) has seen as much busy-ness as our summer though of a new variety. We are prayerfully considering what direction we should be heading financially (have money to live on for the moment and had hoped to save up and live on it longer by bringing in more income but that all but stopped when the check finally came. Good thing God knows what He is doing (and He obviously has us trusting Him completely in this) because we have no idea. Well, we have some slight direction, and the Lord is kind of herding us in a certain direction that we are getting more and more comfortable with but the logistics of it all are still kind of out there and we don’t feel free to share yet. Still no money for the house payment and we are just waiting for the bank to kick us out– packing things up that we don’t need so we can simplify significantly is what we are focused on at the moment. Due to our awkward financial circumstances (no steady income, no savings, everything pretty unstable) they aren’t willing to work with us (not that I blame them.) So we will see what is around the next bend.

Idlewild 2011
The kids on a ride at a rare trip to Idlewild park (carload days are awesome.)

In the meantime, still doing GAPS– in fact we are being more rigorous with it while we are here so we can kick some more food allergies (which will simplify things down the road.)

The youngest son of a friend who sheltered with us during Hurricane Irene.

We are still unschooling (and yes, the kids are still learning way more than they ever did when workbooks were a way of life for us).

We just got a package
The kids opening the box of Magic: the Gathering cards friends sent us-- our living room is overrun.

We are focusing on doing the next thing, whatever that is, as the Lord guides us. Right now that means I will be painting, purging excess stuff (and God willing having a yard sale, taking my grandmother shopping several times a week, helping Shamus with his projects, and more time to spend with the kids; chatting with them, being with them, loving them where they are. Shamus is currently working on his autoblography which when done, God willing, will become an eBook memoir.

If you would be praying for wisdom and direction, especially regarding our finances and where the Lord wants us but also regarding spiritual things He is showing us recently, we would heartily appreciate it.


Intensive Care for the Christian Unschooler– this is a weekly meme (you post the questions to your blog each Wednesday that you are able, using one of the buttons here to link  over to the CU blog, add your site to the linky at the bottom there.)

“This week we want to…” prepare for a yard sale and figure out ways to get enough money to go visit friends that are moving soon and get enough together to go to the science center before our membership is over.
“The kids are…” enjoying Issac’s new scooter, struggling with the fact that we are tight with money again and can’t do all that they want to do.  Issac is adoring the Green Electricity Snap Circuit Kit he bought with his Christmas money (he saved it till now).
“I am learning….” more like relearning.  I am having to place everything in God’s hands, again.  WHEN am I going to learn?
“I am struggling with…” trusting that God will provide.  There are things that really need to be done this month (I mean yeah, they don’t have to but this is our last month our our science center membership and we would like to go at least one more time, we have two different friends moving in the next month (1 3 hrs away, the other 5 hrs away) both of which my oldest really wants to visit before they move because it is likely once they move we will never see them.  And honestly I have no idea where the money will come from to do any of that since we are that place– the car needs inspected this month, and we are coming up empty–we are back to waiting for provision for the basics let alone for road trips.  He has provided thus far and I am trusting that He will continue but…I am nervous and I really shouldn’t be.  I KNOW He is Jehovah Jireh.  I KNOW He has provided in the past.  I just wish I could get the rest of me to remember and accept instead of worrying.  Yes, I am struggling with panic– we are in the month the house foreclosure can take place and it is scary sice we have no backup plan and what we thought God was doing hasn’t happened (and suddenlyShamus switched gears from the book to programming and we were hoping that would get finished soon.) So…trusting Jehovah Jireh.

Apparently my lack of sleep these last few nights is also getting to me even though I “feel” fine– not tired or anything.  Just irritable and anxious.  I think Mandy might be onto something there.  I think a lot of that is a shift in what I am eating–still eating GAPS but out of some key components and so haven’t been eating according to my cravings, which means I often just can’t be bothered to eat (eating plenty, just meh.).

“This week is the first time….” hmmmm, trying to think of first here.  I guess it is the first time I have had a Facebook Bible discussion group– which is amazing and awesome and relaxed and beautiful and EXACTLY the type of Bible discussion group I have always wanted.  No schedule, no real plan, just lets study what God has to say about this word and everyone posts as they feel led.  Beautiful.

I am grateful for… (Yes, I added this one, will probably add it to the whole list on the group blog.)  God’s provision.  Yesterday we needed milk from the farm (and eggs and meat and cheese ) and since they are only open Tuesday and Thursday evenings (well and Sat but we don’t do Saturday stuff) I needed to go if I was going.  I had been praying all day because we didn’t have the money to go and get what we needed and really were low on groceries.  And then a friend gifted us with enough to go!  So we went and it was such a blessed time.  Rach and I stopped and visited my step-brother to give him his birthday gift which we have been carrying around for over a month.  We were able to spread the cash out to cover plenty of milk and meat plus lots of eggs and cheese and bananas (key on the GAPS diet).  We were able to check the gift cards that a friend sent us for Chili’s (we have had gift cards sent in the mail before that something the postal service did demagnetized them and they didn’t work so always check them before purchasing anything) and the gift cards are good so hubby and I get a date night!!!  Anyway, it was an evening of one blessing after another and it was amazing and awesome and God is so good!   And then we had enough in our gift fund to give to another friend in need which was also a blessing– I love being able to help others even if it isn’t much.  God has blessed us in such amazing ways that I want to pass on those blessings!

Oh, and both girls wrote essays for the Gaming Angels girls Computer Camp contest and I am proud of both of them– they did a beautiful job and each essay is so unique and really shows their personality and thought processes.

Daybook: August 11


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…Is a bright, sunny, chilly day.  Brr.  What happened to August?

I am thinking…that I seem to FINALLY be over all the sicknesses (first the cold/sinus infection, then a crazy stomach flu or whatever–no  one else got it so I think I ate something wrong–whatever it was I lost quite a bit of weight over it.)  And now I have tons of work to do to get caught up after being sick for a week and on vacation for a week before that.

I am thankful that…I have work to do, a cool day to do it, that the kids are playing happily, that my husband seems to finally be getting over the stupid cold thing.

From the kitchen…is blueberry pie, on plates, on the table, staining my kids and their clothes.  We made it last night and they ate it for breakfast.  Will post the recipe and pictures later (per request.)

I am wearing…my new favorite jeans, a black t-shirt with white cutout flowers and a hoodie–did I mention it is COLD.

I creating…a website in my head which I want to get on the computer soon, several sites for my kids, who also want to blog, another children’s book in my head and a little on paper, a new look for the girls’ room (Deb is an absolute inspiration when it comes to decorating while I am way more practically minded and only buy “useful” things), more work than I can possibly do in the near future but since I have been unable to work  for several days due to illness and vacation I am full of ideas.

I am going…to the store to pick up a cd holder for all of our movies–another idea inspired by Deb.  The kids HATE putting movies in their cases and I HATE having DVD’s everywhere.  Also going thrifting looking for actual curtains for the girls’ room and a bedspread for Rach.

I am reading…Thornyhold by Mary Stewart, again.  It is the book I reread when I want something light that I can read and put down at will.  I need some new books to read.

I am hoping…that my husband will be completely over this plague soon.

I am hearing…the fan, cars go by, my husband cough.

Around the house…there is still laundry to be  done and rooms to clean and tons of work to be done–being knocked out of commission for several days does that.

One of my favorite things…August (my husband’s and my birthday are within a few days of each other, and then school always started right after.)  A new pad of watercolor paper (which I desperately need to order).  Projects that take up all my thought.  A trip to the library with the kids.  Seeking out our fall wardrobes at the thrift shop (I love fashion mags and figuring out how to adapt thingss to our own personal styles and do it for super cheap.)  Watching movies with the kids (Rach and I have been watching the new Dr. Who–I LOVE that she shares my love of cheesy sci fi and can’t wait till she is old enough to watch Cowboy Bebop and Firefly with me. :))

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

Fixing a friends broken website, working on my new site, getting the kids sites up and running.  Organizing around the house, getting caught up on laundry.  Working on new book idea, working on hubby and my joint project.  Making a set of paintings for a friend.  Getting the rest of the photos from our trip posted and organized.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

The Deadliest Disease

We have a nasty disease that runs in our family.

It is  very, very dangerous and very contagious.

It can be life threatening if not beat and it takes special measures, a strong constitution, and lots of grace to beat it.

It has killed the most healthy of adults, destroyed even the sweetest childhoods, and destroyed many marriages.

It opens the door to many other diseases including cancer, depression, heart attacks, and general poor health.

It has killed my grandmother, my grandfather, my other grandfather, my great grandmother, it helped to ruin my parents’ marriage, it has destroyed most of my dad’s relationships with family members.  On my mother’s side it has done plenty of damage, taking out most of my grandmother’s sisters, destroying their relationships with one another, and leading to the majority of those still alive being on anti-depressants.

My husband and I were alarmed to see the symptoms in our children and are taking steps to stop it in its tracks.

Yesterday we took drastic measures, declaring a 24 hour fast which will likely extend beyond the first 24 hours if we see it continuing.Read More