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Once upon a time, several years ago, a friend of ours was just starting out in the photography business.  She was building her portfolio and so took a slew of wonderful photos of our family–the first we had had one since Rach was a baby.  Those photos remain the only photos of our whole family we have, and are still favorites.  (Two of them are under children on her site–one of Rach alone and one of the girls together.)

She took one of my all time favorite shots of my girls–one that captures them right down to the toes, literally.  You can see it in the top left corner.  For some time I have wanted to do a painting of it,  I have tried several times and couldn’t pull it off.  (I could NOT do shoes at all.)

This time, however, it is coming together.  I am so excited that I decided to share it before I finished it. 🙂  In fact, I am awfully tempted to leave Rachel’s shoes and legs unfinished.  There is something fascinating about it in pencil though I think I will finish it.

Unschooling Photo Journal

With unschooling, fashion is only important if it is your passion.

There is plenty of time for concentration and imagination.

Daydreaming is key.

And carrying out those daydreams is part of the territory.

Learning starts in your own head instead of someone elses.

The world is your classroom.

And joy is a natural side affect.

Lean-to building

Part of the time we spent at the cottage was spent in the woods building forts, lean-tos and other primitive homes.  My brother (off school due to a teacher’s strike)  helped the girls out while Issac found sticks to use in building.

To start you go into the woods (wearing bright clothes if it is huntiong season–the next day they were all wearing bright orange), find a good tree to lean branches against, and find as much dead wood in the right length as you can find.

If you can’t find two trees with a fallen tree across you can use vines and make your own.

Gather more, and more, and more.  Use a hatchet to chop what you can’t get because it is too big.

Lay it in the above pattern.  You can then cover it with branches with leaves or pine  or even a tarp.  You can also add sides and another lean-to to make a roof–at least in theory.  We didn’t get that far.:)  We did have lots of fun though.

Building cricket houses

Another thing the kids did while we were at the cottage was build fairy or cricket houses.  The found a section of land where crickets played and with a multitude of sticks built mini houses.

This is actually what lead up to building lean-tos and forts that they could actually play in.

To build your own break a whole bunch of sticks to similar lengths.  Stick four sticks straight down into the ground  in a rectangle or square then lay the the branches around the outside lincoln log style.  When finished you can try makeing a roof–Rachel used sticks, Essie used leaves.  Honestly you can do this however you like and let the kids see what works for them.  I only made a few suggestions–they spent several hours working on them without my input at all.

Me, Myself, and I

I don’t have a recent photo (I think the last photo I have is from exactly a year ago–my brother in laws wedding which Issac took looking up my nose) since I am ALWAYS behind the camera but I do have this which Rachel took when I gave her my digital camera to play with while waiting for Grandma after dinner last week.  This is her first attempt at using the camera as a video camera and she wanted to capture everything, including her brother sister making shadow puppets in the light, and for some reason, me cleaning up the table a bit before leaving.  Don’t turn the sound up, it is rather random though in the background my grandmother is telling the pizza worker people that the kids always point out that their ceiling looks exactly like a giant candy bar–and it does.

I am posting this in response to Randi’s request that everyone post pictures of themselves.  Not that she reads my blog but several others do and I read hers and occasionally even comment, though not nearly often enough.

And that is QUITE enough posts for today thank you very much–three is definitely my limit.

My Daybook ~ September 8


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…is a rather warm, dry afternoon (yes I am late this week) with a bright red couch sitting in the middle of the yard.  Everything else is gone–still praying for the perfect person to see it and fall in love.

I am thankful that…the rest of the furniture is gone from our front yard and that I know God has a plan for our poor beautiful couch.

From the kitchen…is a mess.  We are moving the desk out so we have someplace for the china closet when we paint the living room.  Yeah, we are painting the living room–all that open space is inspiring.

I am wearing…Old Navy shorts and top and Rockport Hiking tennis shoes–all thrifted of course.

I am creating…a new look for the living room, and the hall, and the kitchen, and the girls room.  Yeah, I am nesting or something. That happens a few times a year and my poor hubby just smiles and nods.

From the learning rooms…

Both girls finished writing their books, Issac has been reading to me nightly.  I got the kids a “math kit” from the school supply clearance at Target and Rach has been going about making charts and graphs–and insisted on getting 2 books on charts and graphs out of the library, yes, nonfiction books on different sorts of charts and graphs, on her own, because she wanted them.  Um.  Yeah.  She has also been helping me figure out the area of the living room and hall so we can get laminate floor and paint the walls of the living room.  Essie has been helping me paint her “new” desk, mixing colors to make the perfect robins egg blue. She has been reading, as usual, and is excited that we got the Bunnicula series on cd to listen to.  Issac is waiting for them to finish watching Eloise  (bought for $1 at the library) so he can watch his natural disasters video (also bought for $1 at the library).

I am going…to move some more furniture around and laer move the couch to the garage so it doesn’t get rained on.  Also working on 2 seperate wiki’s for the new unschooling site, plus need to do some more organizing and gleaning of articles for the site: Christianunschooling.com.  So far it is going well. 🙂

I am reading…some new books I got from the library (A Gail Carson Levine plus a compilation of King Arthur stories–an old passion of mine.)  Also reading the new Lucky magazine and the IKEA catalog. 🙂  We are eventually going to need a new couch. 😉

I am hoping…to finish painting the desk and move it upstairs so I can get to work on moving furniture in the living room.  Also hoping to figure out the wiki site so I can start posting to it.

Around the house…The girls are watching old videos from the library while Issac plays webkinz and in the tent in his room.

One of my favorite things…is installing a new program and it is WORKING!  Woohoo!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Working on Wednesday for the antique appraiser I occasionally help out.  I am going to be working once a week for her–which will hopefully pay for redoing the floor in the living room.  Work on the wiki’s some more, gets things sorted out on the new site, etc. etc. etc.  Nevermind all that, I really just want God’s will for this week, we will see what that is.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

James took each of the kids out on the motor boat–this is right before he turned it on and suddenly she was way above the water shrieking.

Tuesday Prompt: Under the couch

This weeks prompt is to look under your couch, grab the first thing you find  and get inspired.  You can write about it, draw it, photograph it, imagine it, whatever as long as you have fun.

Under our couch you usually find shoes–which is what I expected, but instead I found books, lots of them, especially HIghlights.  Also found–a battery, some random bits of paper and Kleenex, a paintbrush, and boxes of photos. 🙂

You can find the list of prompts here if you want to take part next week.

Blueberry Pie

The kids have been collecting blueberries from our blueberry bush all summer, and now that it is full they have been freezing plenty.  Yesterday the kids picked enough blueberries for 2 blueberry pies so of course we had to make some.

We started with the pie crust recipe from my great grandmother’s recipe book–the only pie crust that ever works well for me.  Read on for the whole recipe.Read More

Finding Education in Vacation: Mexican Restaurant

We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant with our friends.

The kids got to try several new things including fried plantain (they already LOVE Mexican food but this one had more variety than our local one.)

Kayla comes here all the time because this is where her daddy works.

She knows everyone and they all love her.

And unlike my own kids, she knows what she likes to eat here (including the EXTRA spicy picante sauce.)

She also taught us a new game, similar to follow the leader.

Carefully planned days

As you all know I am NO planner.  I can if necessary and I do have an idea in my head of what, in general, I would like to accomplish each day, but to plan, to schedule, to figure out each detail, I don’t go there.

However, God does.

Recently He has been reminding me that my days, my time, my money–all are not my own.  I am His and all my resources , talents, whatever, are at His disposal.  And every time I think I have a feel for how He wants me to go about my days He flips things over and turns them around so that I find myself, once again, relying solely on Him.

So very much going on–yard sale, fixing other peoples computers (4 including my husband’s and my kids’), web site stuff–just a little, getting ready for our trip, money stuff (check from Canada didn’t go through as planned causing a landslide of fees which supposedly the bank will get rid of but which has not happened), multiple otgher things, all crazy and unexpected, every project having multiple snags but all in God’s timing.

And now, as one thing falls back into  its proper place the  next and the next do as well.  And as we are at the last few days before our supposed trip things continue to begin to make sense and happen as I felt they should have sooner.  God knows exactrly what is going on and is reminding me over and over that I am NOT in control.