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Unschooling Snapshots: Issac

I have TONS of photos of Issac hanging out with Pappap (my dad) so am going to divide one day into a slew of posts.

Issac begged to walk to Pappap's house on Sunday. Mostly so he could jump on the trampoline.
Jumping on the trampoline is his new favorite thing.
He can jump for hours.
And loves to do flips...and scare his momma to death --one of these days he is going to break something. Hopefully not his neck.

Unschooling Photo Journal 9

I should probably mention that the last few days we have spent all afternoon at the pond, and I have been taking LOTS of pictures, mostly¬† trying to capture the perfect “jumping in” shot, so, you will be seeing a lot of those.¬† Especially now that Issac has learned to jump in without fear and the girls are perfecting their various jumps and dives AND i discovered that out on the paddle boat is the best place for action shots.