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I mentioned this on twitter but I guess I should mention it here as well. Mrs. R, the 97 yr old woman I was caretaker to for 4 and a half years, passed Monday while a fellow caretaker/friend and I sat with her. Funeral was today, viewings were yesterday. She is greatly missed. She was a wonderful, feisty woman, and a huge encouragement to me. I (as well as most of the other caretakers) am at peace and have closure as we knew it was coming and I was there when it happened.

However, this means I am without a steady full time job. I am currently focused on getting my art, illustration, and web design business’ really set up and moving forward as real jobs instead of just side gigs. I sold a painting today, I have 4 illustration projects in the works, including 4 book cover jobs, and several other projects on the back burner. So while I am not working full time I am working full time, but freelance. We are currently okay and are hoping that between me pushing forward with the work I have now and coming up and several website projects, some sewing and herbal remedy stuff I have on the side, combined with some extra freelance work Shamus is taking on and his Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/shamusyoung) we MIGHT be able to make this work. We are hopeful and nervous.

If you are interested in my art, I just updated my site (http://www.tinybookdragonart.com/) with pricing explanations as well as purchasing options as well as keeping up to date on my  Facebook , Etsy, my Amazon page, Instagram, etc) so you can buy my stuff. Once I get Seriously Simple back up and running I will link to that. I will probably be selling the geeky skirts through the Nine Tailed Bunny page but possibly will keep them on my art Etsy. I haven’t decided yet. And once I update my illustration and webdesign pages I will share those as well.

I do NOT expect friends to purchase my stuff to help us. However if you know someone who needs book covers, illustration, logos, or art I would love if you passed my site along. That is how I have gotten several of my illustration jobs. Someone knew someone who needed something I do. (And prayer always welcome. This is scary and big and new and well, we are taking turns panicking. :D)

Poor Sad Bunny gets a Story

I had originally planned to sell the painting of this little guy. When he first showed up that was all I could think to do with him.  I usually don’t paint stuffed animals.  Then I noticed that he kept popping into paintings and doodles–the little guy is everywhere and SO determined to be involved in everything I do.  Then hubby fell in love with him and requested that I NOT put him up for sale.

Not only did he not want me to sell the painting but he started writing him a story.  A sort of Milne-y/Dr. Seuss-y kind of story.  Have I ever mentioned that his father was a real, honest-to-goodness, published poet?  No?  Well he was and hubby has a huge portion of that same spirit plus being incredibly FUNNY. Oh my goodness, so very, very funny.

So, our little bunny is getting a great little story to go with him.  And each painting is leading to another stanza of the poem and another painting, and it cracks me up.  We are having such fun with this little guy.

We don’t know what will happen when we finish–Shamus would like to try to get it published but we shall see.  (Which is why I am not sharing the actual words he has written.)  In the meantime we are taking it one painting at a time and the story is still growing.

Have I mentioned that prints and cards are now available of this little guy? Yup, you can get him here:

Buy my art at ImageKind.com.

Illustration Friday : Wide

A test run for a possible illustration later on.  This is much wider and more filled in than anything I have done up until now (unless you count the unicorn in a field of flowers that I did for a contest when I was in 4th grade and which got passed over for a prize because another kids mother was the judge of the contest and she picked HER child’s art.  Stupid art contest. ;P)  This isn’t exactly what I am going for but it gave me an idea of what I could accomplish if I went this direction.

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