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Issac on Ice Skating

Ice skating

Being nervous and doing it anyway is the hardest part of the battle.

Ice skating

Once you decide to do it, do it with all your heart.
Ice skating
Enjoy the company, take turns doing new things, and of course racing.
Ice skating
Be willing to race, to jump, to turn, and inevitably, to fall.
Ice skating
And when you fall, take some time before you get up to explore the ice– the look, the feel, the texture, and imagine what is down below, remembering what it was like in summer.
Ice skating
And when you get tired, take a break, but don’t take your skates off because you are bound to want to skate some more.

Winter Unschooling

I am finally at a pause in all the busy-ness and wanted to share some unschooling type photos with you. We finally got some warm weather which meant, of course, the end of ice skating this year. So on the day it was still cold enough but warming quickly my dad picked us up for some more ice skating (because our car has issues with cold weather).

We were met with this:
About 20 turkeys were roosting in the trees and came down as we pulled in.
A cool thing we learned this year. It is better to put ice skates on in the warm garage but the garage is at the top of the hill and the ice at the bottom which means that there is only one way to get down that makes any sense.

We had had some snow but since we knew it was going to melt didn’t bother to clear the ice–which made ice skating kind of different than usual.

It was gorgeous and rather warm.
Once the ice got too soft to skate on it was time for tobogganing.
With Pappap.
And Mom, onto the ice.
ice toboggan
And some bird watching.
wood pecker
Then warming up in the garage and playing with a 1 ton pulley and pretending to drive the tractor (which lead to a discussion of all the simple machines in use and how a snow blower works.)
Oh, and some squirrel watching.

And today most of the snow and ice are gone.  It was 50 yesterday and today it was 40.  And of course last night I found MY ice skates (I have been borrowing my mom’s which are slightly too big.)