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Holy Week Eggs: The verses and the eggs

Back when I made the eggs I wasn’t that well read as far as the Bible goes and had a hard time choosing which stories to put on the eggs (It is also tricky because several days are run together in that section of scripture–I tried to organize it the bet I could and to choose parables that the kids might benefit from for the days between Monday and Thursday). I wanted to have several eggs for each day of holy week but didn’t have enough eggs for all of the stories and parables and after some study found that for two days there really wasn’t enough for more than one egg. The following are a list of verses that show what occurred each day of holy week with the symbols for each day and a picture of each egg. (I would change how I did it if I did it again–there are so many stories I could have used and didn’t because at the time I couldn’t come up with symbols–not such a problem now. Also I need to remark them because I keep mixing them up.:)) Also there is an extra egg that I forgot about–not sure how I ended up with 19 but I did. 🙂Read More