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Happy Birthday to Me

The kids baked me this birthday cake on their own–and since they didn’t have enough of or the right number of candles solved the problem their own way.  Between the individuals and the numbers, plus bugs bunny as a 1 there are 34 candles. 🙂  And it was excellent cake.

They also made me a crown and themselves hats, set the table with flowers and a sheet for a table cloth, and we had a meal together (Chinese–mostly Trader Joes variety).

Finally I did this based on a meme I found via Stumbleupon.

Draw a ten panel comic about what you were doing ten years ago. Put pen straight to paper – no pencil, no computer, no planning, no starting again if you make a mistake. Simply draw, scan, publish. Tag some people who you’d like to see do the meme too. Oh and if you want to do it even if you haven’t been tagged you are most welcome!”

After some consideration I decided to try it–it seemed like the perfect thing for a birthday. 🙂  I realize the above is too small to read so if you want to try to read my chicken scratch you will have to do so on Photobucket since it was the only way I could get it readable.

The top:

The bottom:

So happy birthday to me. 🙂

and now for a little music: Sweet Happy Birthday by Tsuji Ayano