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A Girl’s Right of Passage

5th grade girls are mean.  There is no denying it.   Girls can be nasty.

I had hoped, to some extent, to avoid the 5th grade girl syndrome.  It isn’t just 5th grade girls, once it starts the nastiness continues through high school and college in a never ending cycle.  It only takes one person to break the cycle but most girls are not self-assured enough to do it.  Up until today Rachel has avoided itRead More

Frugal Tips from the Past

One of my favorite things is to read books from the past–children’s stories, memoirs, cook books, household tips, and photographic journals. I love gleaning useful bits of information from them and hanging my understanding of history upon them. I have a pile of vintage household tip and cook books from the 1900’s on.

Alongside crazy home remedies are many useful ideas which I find especially helpful in making our income go as far as I can. I have also gleaned many money saving tips from my grandparents who lived through the depression. I thought maybe I would share some of my favorites. The photos are all from my husband’s family as well as one from my mom’s family (I need to grab the album I did for my grandma and take pictures of those as well.)Read More