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Unschooling Photo Journal 4

It used to be that little girls were said to be made of  sugar and spice and everything nice.

Nowadays our society tries to make them into sweet little strumpets as early as possible.

One of my favorite things about our lifestyle is the ability to allow our girls to grow at their own pace.

To go slow and steady,

to put on the trappings of adulthood they are ready for,

to wait on those they are not,

to mature into little ladies


They start to look like them.

A Girl’s Right of Passage

5th grade girls are mean.  There is no denying it.   Girls can be nasty.

I had hoped, to some extent, to avoid the 5th grade girl syndrome.  It isn’t just 5th grade girls, once it starts the nastiness continues through high school and college in a never ending cycle.  It only takes one person to break the cycle but most girls are not self-assured enough to do it.  Up until today Rachel has avoided itRead More

Saturday Photo Hunt: Different

I debated a bit about this one and actually had a sketch in mind before I found these pictures.

My girls are as different as night and day and have been since day one. One is thin and light and loves all things books and art and bright crazy colors and patterns, the other is solid and dark and loves all things making and doing, outdoors, not to mention very girly.  They love each other though, work together, and bounce off each other nicely.  They compliment each other very well in their very oppositeness.