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Because I can and because he is

my husband–he has a new web comic (some of you I know are familiar with DM of the Rings–his Tolkien meets D&D screenshot comic.)  Well, he has a new comic out, one that is part of a bigger than he is website, and it is funny–and I am not saying that just because he is my husband.    Now, if you are anti-video game or offended by some mild language it is not for you, but if you like video games and making fun of the silly stuff game designers do, or if you enjoyed his previous comic you may just enjoy this.

WordPress 2.5

Decided to check out WordPress 2.5 today.  I installed it on my demo blog (the one I send people to who are thinking about trying WordPress but are not sure.)  It certainly is different to look at.

I would not recommend it to someone who has a hard time adapting to new software because the layout of the dashboard is very different and even I (who have been using WordPress since the beginning) am having a hard time adjusting to where everything is.

For one thing it uses flash for a lot of things and I hate flash. It is slow and awkward and makes everything take longer to do.  However, the pro is that it enables you to upload multiple pictures at a time.

I do like that it fixes the big comments problem with 2.0 through 2.3 I have been having with Bluehost so for those on my server who would like I will update to WordPress 2.5 for that reason.  Otherwise I would suggest waiting until the bugs get worked out.

You can read up on some of the changes here.