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Still time to get Halloween cards

I realize that many of my readers don’t “do” Halloween, we don’t really get into it but I do enjoy the costumes and drawing homemade costumes–they are fun to illustrate.  So I have done a series of greeting cards called  The Trick or Treaters.  You can get hand drawn versions at my Etsy store, right now they are on sale for $4 a piece (send me an Etsy conversation mentioning the sale and I will post a discounted version just for you.)  These have a custom greeting (especially for those who don’t do Halloween you can say happy harvest or whatever).  These can also have other costumes–ask and I will see what I can do.

You can also purchase printed versions on Zazzle.  Right now I only have them as full size greeting cards but if you are interested I can do them as notecards or as postcards.  Just email me at gracedbychrist(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tuesday Prompt 1

Today’s prompt: Walk in the next room, look at the tallest thing there, what is under it?

In my case the tallest thing in the next room is the book case and underneath are books and games, which made for a challenging doodle (I usually don’t draw or paint things of that nature, especially with no people involved plus under the bookcase is always a mess which makes it extra interesting.) (Sorry for the poor image quality–I was lazy and didn’t try to get good lighting, and did it late in the evening.)

So what is under your tallest thing?

If anyone wants to join in you can add a link in the comments if you want to give it a try.  Remember this is just to get creative, regardless of your artistic/creative outlet.  You can write about it, paint it, doodle it, sculpt it, write a poem about it, whatever suits your fancy–the goal here is not to be flummoxed by it but to get creative and inspired.  Take it how ever you like, do it or imagine it, whatever you do, have fun with it.

You can find the list of prompts here if you want to take part next week.

Sunday Praise Doodle 6-22-08

The following is a good morning song the kids and I sing to the tune of the Veggietales song Laura sings at the beginning of Rack, Shack, and Benny. We sing it most mornings when we wake up, and I know I have it in my head every morning as I wake.  I had it in my head this morning and it seemed the perfect thing for this week.

Good morning,


I love you.

Please be

with me


I’ve got a lot to do,

and I want to ple-ase you,

while I work



I play.

Illustration Friday plus one for my husband

This weeks IF was Wrinkles.  I have hardly had time to think  on it since I was busy with the web server and then with this painting I need to finish (and, um, well, I have been reading a lot as well.)  Anyway, I finally came up with something about 5 minutes ago and thought I would post it so I don’t skip another week even though I didn’t do anything to it since I NEED to get to bed.

What could be more wrinkled than the basket of clothes that has been sitting in my living room while I do all this other stuff?

And this is for my husband who requested that I color the doodle of him I did yesterday so he could use it as his forum icon.  He is so funny.  I would have used this for wrinkles since he is starting to get them but they are only visible when he smiles and you can’t see them from the back of his head–which is what we usually see. 🙂

Three of my favorite things

A doodle I did of my husband last night. This is the view we usually have of him. 🙂

Tsuji Ayano An incredible Japanese singer who plays the ukelele and whom I am currently addicted to listening to.

Studio Ghibli Our favorite anime studio. Home of Miyazaki, a brilliant anime director. If you want to try out anime but have no idea where to start Studio Ghibli productions are the best starting point.

My Neighbor Totoro
Whisper of the Heart (my knew favorite)
Porco Rosso
Spirited Away
The Cat Returns
Howl’s Moving Castle (the book is MUCH better though the movie is wonderful.)
Castle in the Sky

I should note that these are the ones we have seen. There are others we have not seen. My husband and I watch each first then decide if it is suitable for our children–you might say these are comparable to older Disney animations, and in fact, Disney now helps produce them here. Some of these have scary bits but I would say all are suited to 7 and up.  Keep in mind–we don’t have cable tv.  Our kids don’t experience American tv very often and my husband and I prefer it that way.