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Well, almost.  A few tweaks here and there and need to fix somethings that turn up wrong in older versions of Firefox (the tabs look funny in some but I think if I take time I can fix that–though after 4 days of fighting with this thing and even more designing it I am wiped out.)

In general the theme is done and all the sites are combined.  The rss feeds are seperate so if you have a site on my server then you will want to subscribe to the feed for Graced Designs as that is where I will post system updates and mainanence information (it is now on a different server than msot of the sites so if they are down it should not be (unles the building has a power outage since the companies are in the same building.)

If you are interested in my artwork or Doodles for Hire then I suggest you hop over to Elasah.com which is now my art site.  I will be posting new paintings and doodles there (though I will still occasionally post them here if they suit the post and may make a note when I post a new one there.)  I will be officially announcing Doodle for Hire once I get a bit of a portfolio together with some more generic stuff but for now you can check out the basic information here.

In the future I will likely be doing some tutorials and some art lesson type posts (have had several friends requests lessons geared towards children so that is, I think, where I will start).  I already have some basic design tutorials up over at Graced Designs and plan to do some on CSS later.  (There are still some broken links over there but the tabs across the top are all good.  Have been moving so much around that things have gotten crazy.

If you are reading this then you likely already subscribe to the feed for Untraditional Home and that hasn’t changed.  Oh, and I will try to keep this part of the site to an nice mix of the same stuff as before with an occasional nod at the other two sites.

Saturday Photo Hunt:Wooden + If: Multiple

Somehow my two worlds collided and I ended up with an image that worked for both Saturday PhotoHunt–once again not a straight photo but a photo of a sketch I did of a wood, Fairytale Wood to be exact. It also fits rather well with the Multiple theme of Illustration Friday, so, there it is. Not a perfect drawing–used my watercolor pencils on regular paper–I didn’t plan on using water, then I decided to do a wash and well, its all right. I’m still tickled at the idea.

Little Red Riding Hood planned on going to Grandma’s house yet the multiple other choices tempted her down a different path.  In the future she would be known as “Red the Giant Killer”.

Close up of the signs.


Today I spent some time sketching as Issac moved about and built an impressive city out of the memory rocks we keep in a giant bowl by the fire place. He has all kinds of building toys but loves balancing rocks one on another and spent 45 minutes at it after playing out in the snow. Because he was moving about an building as boys do the sketch is more impression than any attempt to capture Issac as he is.