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January 2010 so far

The theme of January this year is snow.
Lots of lovely, fluffy, soft snow.
Snow globe sort of snow.
Snow at Night

And lots of sled riding in snow (ice skating soon I think.)
And video games.

When the kids are not outside playing in the snow or shoveling the driveway (a new favorite service for Rachel) they are spending lots of time play strategic or exercise related video games.  Lots of Star Craft, Garry’s Mod, and Tales Runner going on here (for after spending time outside) and lots of Wii Resort and Wii Fit Plus  combined with all sorts of pretend play and contests for when it is just too cold to play outside. For example, yesterday the kids set up a plane in the living room to make the flying game in Wii Resort more fun and so everyone could join in.
Playing Star Craft
The Girls
The kids did spend some time watching movies but other than Issac’s current repeat obsession with The Goonies and the kids’ repeat watching of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising there is not so much of that right now. In the meantime we are focused on spending 5 min a day upstairs and 5 downstairs cleaning 1 room as quickly as possible. A good habit to develop and each kid has a chance at a reward for doing their very best. We are trying to develop an attitude of service in a household where chaos is more comfortable than order and schedules and lists DO NOT WORK. This suits us well and keeps the house in relative order. We have also had much less complaining than with our previous attempts at this. (If they complain then they get 1/2 hour instead. And I have also found that they are willing to go the extra mile and really work hard in this time, stretching it well beyond the necessary 5 minutes to get the job done.

In the meantime, the painting is actually coming along now that I have the proper colors. It is coming out different than expected, more solid and less surreal but I am happy with my first attempt at acrylics since high school so far.

Quick update

As you may have guessed I have been super busy, which is why I am not posting much.

I did several paintings and forgot to take photos of them. (one for the art show, another for a friend.)

I have been working on a new web page for a ministry, which is done and now I am waiting for the transfer of the domain name, which means once again I am hurrying up and waiting. Doing the new site meant learning the changes both in WordPress 2.7 AND the new Sandbox theme (which is what I use for my base theme when designing.)

The kids have been incredibly active what with playing in the snow and ice skating, and I have been ice skating along with them.

I have also spent some time working with the kids at giving the house a good clean and rearranging several rooms. (The office is almost done being rearranged, I hope.)

I am making an Ubuntu machine to use as a home server for our websites plus a backup machine for all our photos and other things.

More stuff has been going on like our car battery dying, again–it hates winter. So now, no car, which means less running but more going when someone else is going out.

Still here

Really.  The floor is down but still painting and preparing the walls for new trim (with new flooring the old trim of course looked dingy and dinged, whcih  it was , which meant that of course we needed to put NEW trim down.)  Between painting trim, spending several days laying flooring,keeping our local hardware stores in business with all our projects, and doing some paintings for Etsy stuff I have been BUSY.

Yes, you will see pictures, once we finish.  Which hopefully will be soon because I have this week off and am probably working extra next week AND Sunday is Issac’s 7th birthday AND we just got an email from old friends whom we haven’t seen in 6 years who will be in town and need a place to crash while their daughter looks at a local college–on MONDAY.

Not to mention that several domains and sites I host needed renewed etc..

Trying very hard to stay calm but I can’t find  anything in all the moving things about, we have guests coming on MONDAY and no furniture in the living room and no clean rooms for them to sleep in because I have been focusing on keeping the living room and hall clutter free so we can work, and I keep setting down my coffee and losing it. 🙂  Prayers welcome.  Pictures later once the chaos has lifted a bit. 🙂  Oh, and I did take a few that have the floor in them, or at least one–you can see it out the door in the top photo in my post over at Christianunschooling.com. 🙂 It looks better in real life. 🙂

Sunday Praises

I meant to do a praise doodle this week but life got crazy so instead I am going to share all the awesomeness God did this week.

First, things worked out so Rachel could be out of the house while Essie, Issac , and I took up the carpet in the hall and living room.  They were a HUGE help (they did about half the work, maybe more!)  We are now carpet free except for upstairs and the office.

Then, my mother-in-lawe offered us her leftover paint so we could paint before we put the laminate down.  And she offered to take the girls over night and my dad offered to take Issac, leaving me to paint all evening.

Dad also leant me all sort sof tools to get the painting done including an awesome extension which I used to paint in record time.

This means that the painting is done, other than some touching up which is good because tomorrow I have to work (an Antiques Roadshow sort of appraisal day where cameras will be everywhere and I get to work behind the scenes as a researcher).

Praising the Lord that the paint came off easily so if I do end up on camera I won’t be speckled white. 🙂

Finally, the other cool thing is that my business cards, which I only ordered through Zazzle a few days ago, came this morning, meaning I will have my business cards along just in case someone wants one. 🙂  I don’t have a picture of the card but it is two sided–

the bunny painting on one side,

Sisters on the other, my info on both.

$20 for 100 beautiful two sided business cards–very cool. 🙂 I do love Zazzle.  And they were here in two days, also very cool since I used regular shipping.  God is good, very, very good.

My Daybook ~ September 8


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…is a rather warm, dry afternoon (yes I am late this week) with a bright red couch sitting in the middle of the yard.  Everything else is gone–still praying for the perfect person to see it and fall in love.

I am thankful that…the rest of the furniture is gone from our front yard and that I know God has a plan for our poor beautiful couch.

From the kitchen…is a mess.  We are moving the desk out so we have someplace for the china closet when we paint the living room.  Yeah, we are painting the living room–all that open space is inspiring.

I am wearing…Old Navy shorts and top and Rockport Hiking tennis shoes–all thrifted of course.

I am creating…a new look for the living room, and the hall, and the kitchen, and the girls room.  Yeah, I am nesting or something. That happens a few times a year and my poor hubby just smiles and nods.

From the learning rooms…

Both girls finished writing their books, Issac has been reading to me nightly.  I got the kids a “math kit” from the school supply clearance at Target and Rach has been going about making charts and graphs–and insisted on getting 2 books on charts and graphs out of the library, yes, nonfiction books on different sorts of charts and graphs, on her own, because she wanted them.  Um.  Yeah.  She has also been helping me figure out the area of the living room and hall so we can get laminate floor and paint the walls of the living room.  Essie has been helping me paint her “new” desk, mixing colors to make the perfect robins egg blue. She has been reading, as usual, and is excited that we got the Bunnicula series on cd to listen to.  Issac is waiting for them to finish watching Eloise  (bought for $1 at the library) so he can watch his natural disasters video (also bought for $1 at the library).

I am going…to move some more furniture around and laer move the couch to the garage so it doesn’t get rained on.  Also working on 2 seperate wiki’s for the new unschooling site, plus need to do some more organizing and gleaning of articles for the site: Christianunschooling.com.  So far it is going well. 🙂

I am reading…some new books I got from the library (A Gail Carson Levine plus a compilation of King Arthur stories–an old passion of mine.)  Also reading the new Lucky magazine and the IKEA catalog. 🙂  We are eventually going to need a new couch. 😉

I am hoping…to finish painting the desk and move it upstairs so I can get to work on moving furniture in the living room.  Also hoping to figure out the wiki site so I can start posting to it.

Around the house…The girls are watching old videos from the library while Issac plays webkinz and in the tent in his room.

One of my favorite things…is installing a new program and it is WORKING!  Woohoo!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Working on Wednesday for the antique appraiser I occasionally help out.  I am going to be working once a week for her–which will hopefully pay for redoing the floor in the living room.  Work on the wiki’s some more, gets things sorted out on the new site, etc. etc. etc.  Nevermind all that, I really just want God’s will for this week, we will see what that is.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

James took each of the kids out on the motor boat–this is right before he turned it on and suddenly she was way above the water shrieking.

Grand Opening!

I finally have the Christian Unschooling site open for the public.  There are multiple writers, some unschooling, some relaxed home schoolers, some eclectic, but all Christian.  We are all pretty laid back so updates won’t be daily or consistent so I advise you to read in a feed reader. 🙂  Also if you are a Christian unschooler, relaxed or eclectic home educator and have some posts you think may fit, or want to write regularly let me know, I am still looking for more writers.  We are trying to creat4e a community of likeminded families and would love to have you join in.  Click the image to check it out.

I also have much running still going on, here and there and everywhere, and the kids are busy writing books (really) and reading books, and building houses for webkinz, and playing at the pond, and I have so many pictures and stories to share that I am nearly bursting.  Hopefully I will have time to really post soon but right now both girls are longing for my attention–they have penpal letters they want to send a movie they want to watch.  So off I go.

Still going

Things are still going totally insanely crazily busy. 🙂  I don’t really know when it will settle down but here is just one small example which occurred yesterday.

Ended up going to IKEA again yesterday–we were  missing several parts of the sort that I couldn’t just get them online–I had to drive the hour and half to get there.  Asked my MIL to go with us (took all 3 kids because one had been there and the others wanted to go.)  No matter how hard I tried I could not leave any earlier than we did–everything was working against me.

My MIL, Rach, and I spent an hour wandering around the showroom looking at ideas while the younger two played in the play area.  When an hour was up we went to the food court to eat.  While eating I heard my name.  Would you believe that the same friend from college that I ran into at Trader Joes a month ago (which is half an hour away from IKEA) was there, having a coffee while her son played in the play area and waiting to meet her husband so they could go camping!  I hadn’t seen her in 11 years and now I see her in two very different locations, both an hour or so away from my house, and now she is about to get internet access so we can email and maybe even set up times to meet in stead of this random stuff.:)  Very cool.  God’s timing is perfect, even when I complain about it.:)

In Case You Are Wondering

Life just got SUPER busy, and not with “school” stuff, in fact it is a VERY good thing we are NOT trying to do traditional school work because I would be horribly stressed at the lack of time for such things.

We will see when I have time to update but I need to be off–yesterday I got to see one old friend (my future sister-in- law due to a death in her family, and today I get to hang out at IKEA with another old friend while her daughters and my daughers hang together at home!  Her girls are the same age as my 3 and they LOVE hanging out so this should be fun!  Of course both older girls LOVE to bake so I am hoping they don’t burn the house down in my absense (hubby is home but will be working.:))

My domestic day

So I spent all day baking instead of painting I like I planned.  It was nice and cool and I needed to make bread, and if I am going to make bread and have the oven on anyway then I may as well go ahead and bake as much other as I can think of.  The kids and hubby got 10 dozen cookies, a cake, bread, and 2 loaves of quick bread, not to mention a crock pot of beans and some confetti rice* for dinner out of it so they are happy.

I got a self portrait doodle out of it so I am happy.  (As I mentioned to Jonatha–hubby suggested that I looked like a 1950’s housewife in one of those awful ads: “Use our wonderful baby soap, with full lye” or Eat our wonderful health food, now with more Lard.”–I think I look more like a gypsy or some weird bohemian chick, especially since my hair is done in multiple braids, not cornrows but close enough.)

In the meantime my large house painting is laid out and ready for me to start on, I have a small but full page  doodle in the works, the bills are paid, made plans with mom to drive down to the Trader Joes 45 min away on Wednesday, the laundry is sorted, the kids folded and put away the 4 baskets of laundry that have been  soaking up the stink in the basement, and Issac and I fixed the crack in the tub so now we can take showers again (the lack of a non-leaky tub is the very reason why my hair has spent the last week up in mini braids, well that an how easy to care for and cool they are,) AND I managed to stay home meaning I didn’t use gas.  It has been a productive day.

*We call it confetti rice though I believe it is different than what most people think of when you say confetti rice.  I am all about quick easy meals–cereal and fruit is perfectly acceptable in our household.  My confetti rice is quick and easy and everyone LOVES it, and and I love it because it is cheap:

1 can tuna with olive oil (you can use the broth version, I don’t but you can.  Plus, if you don’t do tuna you can leave it out or use real honest to goodness meat, or if you don’t buy meat because it is too expensive but want some protein in their you can throw in some TVP which I do occasionally though hubby won’t eat it if I do.):))

2 cups leftover rice (in this case it was aborio, but whatever you have)

2 cups mixed soup veggies, frozen (you can use whatever frozen or canned veggies you all like, my kids like the little soup ones and I HATE canned veggies unless they are green beans)

garlic and onion powder and salt to taste (I like lots of onion and garlic powder and a little bit of salt)

Fry all of it together until warm.  Do not, I repeat, do not cook this until the veggies all turn brown.  Ick.  The kids won’t eat it, and that is just gross.  No, you have to just get it warmed up so everything is bright and colorful–kids LIKE colorful food whiich is goo dbecause it is MUCH healthier when the veggies have their color.

Give the picky eater a small sample and insist she come to the table and eat the sample up before going back to her game.  Picky eater will finally taste it then ask for seconds.  Eat it up while still hot.  The end.

Quick Update

Things are CRAZY here!!!!

Webkinz have been adopted and have taken up residence in our house.

VBS is making me crazy–but that is a different post that will have to waiti until i can’t write about VBS and Sunday school without ranting.

One of my closest friends (I frankly do not have a BFF, I have several best of their particular sort:)) is coming for a visit.  She is my best live-out-of-state-drop-by-for-a-weekend-suddenly-and-with-little-prior-notice friend.:)  She will get here at about 2 am with her 2 year old and stay for the weekend.  I have until then to child-proof the place and clean.  At least we have plenty of food and toys for a 2 year old.  (Expect lots of photos and a painting–because each year I do a painting of her and take TONS of pictures.:))

The house is still in shambles after our baby bunnies and yard sale and VBS 35 minutes from home each evening sort of week.

Need to get back to it.