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Blueberry Pie

The kids have been collecting blueberries from our blueberry bush all summer, and now that it is full they have been freezing plenty.  Yesterday the kids picked enough blueberries for 2 blueberry pies so of course we had to make some.

We started with the pie crust recipe from my great grandmother’s recipe book–the only pie crust that ever works well for me.  Read on for the whole recipe.Read More

A Day in the Life 30

Rachel decided to make lunch today. She wanted to cook a meal and have everything ready at the same time. She made a list of the foods she planned to make and how long each part of it took, then ordered them so they would all be ready by 1:00pm. Her meal consisted of mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, cheese sauce, and peanut butter cookies. It all went off without a hitch except at the middle bit where she was steaming veggies and making cookies.

She forgot the peanut butter and the the brown sugar in the cookies which meant that in the end she had sugar cookies with too much baking soda. Otherwise it was all very good. 🙂


I am relatively happy with this one–not perfect but all right considering my hands hurt today.  I am really happy with the look on her face, which is the look she had.  Vrry tricky with such a small space to work with.

My hands were really hurting by the time I finished this one so I didn’t finish it completely.  The background and bottom are unfinished but it is time for me to stop so I will be able to type tomorrow.  One of the big things with having RA is knowing when to quit.

I will probably not do doodles over the weekend.   Instead I will start up again on Monday, God willing.