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Christmas gifts that give back

Several people have mentioned to me how this year they want to make sure the Christmas gifts they buy aren’t just extra stuff, they want them to have meaning.  Therefore, I thought I would share several less traditional sites (because everyone knows about Compassion International and Samaritans Purse) that have wonderful gifts that also help out those who are less fortunate.

  • My dear friend Roo has come up with a sweet way of helping out others.  Cinnamon with a Purpose is her project.  From her page:
    If you are interested in supporting this cause. The cinnamon bun platter will sell for $6. This includes 6 of the most amazing cinnamon buns you have ever tasted in your entire life for six bucks. (Don’t you think supporting an incredible cause makes all things taste a little better?) 100% of the proceeds will be sent to Shevet Ackim. And the fund raiser will end by December 15.
  • Another friend, Joyce, has an ongoing project called Bags 4 Darfur.  I want one of these bags so very much!  They are beautiful and fascinating and very, very fun.  From the about page: Some time ago, a blogger friend of mine provided a link on her site to the crisis in Darfur. Thus began an online conversation about our responsibility as being in the priveleged minority on this planet. God gave me a passion to create bags and send the proceeds to provide food and shelter aid to the peoples of Darfur, Sudan. This project seems to be exploding….Now skirts, jeans, curtains, quilts, tea towels, kitchen aprons, flour sacks, couches, belts, neckties, bedspreads, and table cloths are being casually slung over shoulders from across the prairies, over the mountains, and over oceans. The joy and connectedness spreads right around the world.  From off my shoulder and through my heart, welcome to the Darfur project.
  • Seth Barnes also linked to several wonderful ministries today my favorite being this one: Corridor of Hope, first because God has laid these women on my heart but also because the jewelry they are making is of the very style that I loved to do, and would still be making if my arthritis had not gotten bad.  These bags are also gorgeous and very tempting ( I am trying to think who is left on my list so I can buy them one.)

Christmas cards for fellow bloggers

In the past few years each Christmas I have sent Christmas cards to blogging friends who I have never met in person.  As Christmas approaches andas I suddenly have almost all my gifts purchased I got to thinking about my long distance friends.

If you regularly  comment here (as in more than once or if you actually read this even if you don’t comment) I would love to send you a real life snail mail Christmas card, this year I have designed my own so you may end up with a printed copy of one of my paintings or an authentic original signed Elasah Art watercolor (I say that tongue in cheek:)  saying it makes me giggle.)

If you would like to be on my Christmas mailing list please email me at gracedbychrist(at)gmail(dot)com with your name, address, and blog (if you have one).  If you do not feel comfortable giving out your address I will email you a digital greeting card instead. 🙂


If I already have your address from last year, I probably don’t.  I lost a lot of archives when I reinstalled Ubuntu.  Long story, silliness on my part, really.  But if you resend then I will save it in my address book where it will not get lost. 🙂