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Fall leaves and Oswald Chambers

The following is something I have been chewing on for the last few days: My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers for November 10.  I have something to say about it but I will wait till I think on it some more I think.

“Fellow labourer in the gospel of Christ.” 1 Thessalonians 3:2

After sanctification it is difficult to state what your aim in life is, because God has taken you up into His purpose by the Holy Ghost; He is using you now for His purposes throughout the world as He used His Son for the purpose of our salvation.

If you seek great things for yourself – God has called me for this and that; you are putting a barrier to God’s use of you.

As long as you have a personal interest in your own character, or any set ambition, you cannot get through into identification with God’s interests.

You can only get there by losing for ever any idea of yourself and by letting God take you right out into His purpose for the world, and because your goings are of the Lord, you can never understand your ways.

I have to learn that the aim in life is God’s, not mine. God is using me from His great personal standpoint, and all He asks of me is that I trust Him, and never say – Lord, this gives me such heart-ache.

To talk in that way makes me a clog. When I stop telling God what I want, He can catch me up for what He wants without let or hindrance.

He can crumple me up or exalt me, He can do anything He chooses. He simply asks me to have implicit faith in Himself and in His goodness.

Self pity is of the devil, if I go off on that line I cannot be used by God for His purpose in the world. I have “a world within the world” in which I live, and God will never be able to get me outside it because I am afraid of being frost-bitten.

This is my life.

My baby brother was born when I was 18.  No he is NOT my son, I didn’t get pregnant and hav emy first child until 6 years later.   However, I was dating my now hubsand at the time and we often discussed my parents’ parenting styles and since we often babysat my baby brother and since I was going to college for education and special education, we had rather strong opinions on why he did what he did and how to handle it.

Namely, my baby brother would say something 20 times when he wanted your attention.  We were both sure it was because everyone was always busy and didn’t listen to him the first time.  We determined that we would NOT allow that to happen to our children.

And we haven’t, and yet here we are with a third child, a boy child, who looks EXACTLY like his uncle did at that age (10 years ago) and who has the same mannerisms, and who REPEATS HIMSELF CONSTANTLY.  It drives us both insane.  Especially since we have tried to keep the ignoring thing from happening.

Issac: Mommy.

Mommy: Yes?

Issac: Mommy? Mommy.  Mommy!

Mommy: Issac I already answered you, what do you want?

Issac: Mommy?  Mommy, can I have a ….?

Mommy: Sigh.

My only hope is knowing that my baby brother did grow out of it.

Unschooling Photo Journal 4

It used to be that little girls were said to be made of  sugar and spice and everything nice.

Nowadays our society tries to make them into sweet little strumpets as early as possible.

One of my favorite things about our lifestyle is the ability to allow our girls to grow at their own pace.

To go slow and steady,

to put on the trappings of adulthood they are ready for,

to wait on those they are not,

to mature into little ladies


They start to look like them.

Unschooling photo journal 2

One of my favorite things is the togetherness of my children.

Sure they fight but the stigma of “brother” or “sister” is lost when they are constant companions.

Brother and sister take on their old meaning of loved one.

Their companionship and friendship is a blessing.

Though they may not recognize it until they are older.

And when there is discord they are learning to fix the broken ties,

quickly and effectively,

Which will also be a blessing in the future.