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Frugal Friday: cheap candy

Okay, I know real candy is fairly cheap.  However dye/preservative free candy (which is what my kids require due to food allergies) is NOT cheap.  My kids don’t get candy too often–maybe a package a month if I buy it–but that is still $5 for candy.  So, instead I have done some research into candy making and have come up with some cheap alternatives. (Some of the linked recipes I adapt to suit our needs.)

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Saturday Photohunt: Candy

I did a doodle for this over at Elasah.com but also decided that since the kids ate all the syrup candy (as they call the candy I make from the syrup I make for pancakes (mix of molasses, maple syrup, honey, and corn syrup–the candy tastes like Bit-o-hunny).  So I got out a new recipe I found for gummies, made that, twice, and then made syrup candy plus peanut butter–tastes like Mary-Janes.

Coconut and blueberry gummies