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Lean-to building

Part of the time we spent at the cottage was spent in the woods building forts, lean-tos and other primitive homes.  My brother (off school due to a teacher’s strike)  helped the girls out while Issac found sticks to use in building.

To start you go into the woods (wearing bright clothes if it is huntiong season–the next day they were all wearing bright orange), find a good tree to lean branches against, and find as much dead wood in the right length as you can find.

If you can’t find two trees with a fallen tree across you can use vines and make your own.

Gather more, and more, and more.  Use a hatchet to chop what you can’t get because it is too big.

Lay it in the above pattern.  You can then cover it with branches with leaves or pine  or even a tarp.  You can also add sides and another lean-to to make a roof–at least in theory.  We didn’t get that far.:)  We did have lots of fun though.

Building cricket houses

Another thing the kids did while we were at the cottage was build fairy or cricket houses.  The found a section of land where crickets played and with a multitude of sticks built mini houses.

This is actually what lead up to building lean-tos and forts that they could actually play in.

To build your own break a whole bunch of sticks to similar lengths.  Stick four sticks straight down into the ground  in a rectangle or square then lay the the branches around the outside lincoln log style.  When finished you can try makeing a roof–Rachel used sticks, Essie used leaves.  Honestly you can do this however you like and let the kids see what works for them.  I only made a few suggestions–they spent several hours working on them without my input at all.

A Day in the Life 6: The Snow Fort

It is still a work in progress. The kids have been working on it over the last few, very cold days. Today it was warmer but we got lots of snow–now Rachel is out there building it up more so she can add a sled roof.

The hobbit-like door was pretty cute and now everything is covered in a carpet of white. (These pictures were taken yesterday when it was 7 degrees outside. Brr.)