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And It Continues

A huge Amazon.com box just showed up at our door.  It contained several weeks worth of groceries at least: tuna, olive oil, rice, AND chocolate.  It was a gift from the same friend who sent the green beans which means that she and her husband have just provided all of our families favorite foods (well combined with the blessings we have already received) and enough of the basic things to last us a while.  I am just absolutely amazed and grateful and once again teary-eyed.  (I am not a crier and the daily blessings are making it so I am really no longer going to be able to say that.)

So again, thank you to both of you, and praise the Lord for providing in this beautiful way.

And I REALLY need to start taking photos of all these boxes– our poor delivery dudes.

Blessings Abound

It is so amazing to see all that God is doing (I know I keep saying that but each day He surprises me in a new way.)

Yesterday I was struggling. Money I thought would last longer was gone (some because something hadn’t gone through yet at the bank so we thought we had more than we did) and yet another check that we expected this month isn’t coming until next.  So I was having a hard time trusting– which is silly when you look back over the previous posts and see ALL that God is doing.  I should note here that one of the things we do and which God holds us to is tithe on all income from work.   Often when I forget (especially when I am getting a lot of little jobs) God will withhold blessings as a reminder.  Yesterday morning was one of those times– when, after reading the verse about not withholding good/payment from another I remembered and immediately dealt with the issue.  Yesterday’s struggle was before we tithed and the blessings came after.  (Like I said, God does not deal with each of us the same way.  We firmly believe in tithing but that is because God has impressed this on us since we first married and were living on $10 a week in groceries.)

One of the things I have always had trouble with is recognizing that our God LOVES to do new things.  Very seldom does He deal with a situation in exactly the same way.   He likes to keep us looking to Him, waiting and watching for the next miracle He will perform.  I am not saying He doesn’t allow similar circumstances in people’s lives– He does and often it is encouraging to find out that while you are dealing with something there is someone else out there in the same situation.  However, how He handles that situation changes.  I am always expecting Him to handle the new situation the way He did last time.  For example, if we are short the money for a bill  I will expect Him to provide the money for it in the same way He provided for it the month before.  He has yet to do that.  Though I think our mailman/UPS guy/Fedex dude are beginning to wonder what is going on. 🙂

In the last two days we have had even more amazing blessings:

Yesterday morning the UPS guy showed up (despite the solid ice over everything).  I was expecting some enzymes and coconut oil that I had ordered thanks to a gift of an Amazon gift card last week  and was surprised when he handed me a very heavy box.  When I got it inside I found that it was neither–instead it contained 12 cans of green beans from my best friend from high school.  She is awesome!

At some point in the day yesterday I sent an email to a friend who I had been meaning to get in touch with.  After some back and forth I found out that she was overloaded with some work and I volunteered to help out if I could so she could get it done by the deadline.  I took on the project and got a lot of it done last night and sent it off.  I was surprised to find that she sent me money for my work– enough to pay at least one bill!  YAH!  And thank you!

Also the art work for the box of the card game is moving forward quickly, which is exciting and means that the sooner I get it done, the sooner it can be published, and the sooner we can possibly get some income from that.

This morning I sold another Zazzle product (I only get 10% of the sale but it adds up. :))

Then this afternoon, literally right after I remembered to tithe on the money I earned last night, we got three packages in the mail (our poor postman– he is knocking louder every time and not because we can’t hear him.)  My enzymes and coconut oil came (just as I was almost out of both) AND another package– a huge bag of raw almonds from Anonymous .  I am SO EXCITED!!!!  I am the almond lover in the household (though the kids enjoy almond milk and the baked goods I make from the almond meal.)  So thank you, whoever you are!

I wonder what God has for us next?  Regardless I am sure it will be awesome because He is!

A Plethora of Blessings

God has been doing so many things that I am having a hard time keeping up with it all.  However, I really feel I need to continue to share so that I can keep track and possibly encourage whoever might be reading as well.

This weekend had potential to be a rough one.  In fact, it started out pretty rough spiritually speaking.  It was so bad that all of us were feeling it– like constantly being slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable. Everything seemed to be off and finally today, after much prayer, discussion to see where things went off, and listening, we figured out the trouble area, confessed, and things have cleared up.   The key word that God keeps impressing on us is love.  There is more to it but that was where we were going wrong.  We were not being loving of some specific people and needed to get back on track.

On the other hand, God provided in several amazing ways this weekend in the midst of uncomfortable situations.

  • We were nearly out of enzymes and gas plus several vitamins that we really need due to health issues.  The Lord worked it out that during our weekly visit to my grandmother she gave us, on the spur of the moment, enough money to buy some groceries and enzymes.  Due to a sale at GNC we were able to get the vitamins, enzymes, and then go next door to Walmart for a few key groceries to fill in the gaps.
  • When we went to get gas the girls decided to use some of the money that Grandma had given them to get a drink (which meant that then Issac wanted to do the same which caused all kinds of confusion.) Their expenditure normally wouldn’t have made a difference on my gas since I usually pump gas first then go pay.  However the card reader didn’t work so I had to pay inside (which made me cranky because apparently that store doesn’t due debit card prepay) which meant me standing at the pump in frigid temperatures, twice, trying to get the card to work and running in the store twice instead of just once (did I mention COLD and that I was whiny and the kids couldn’t make up their minds?) And because of all that I got a discount and was able to pay for the gas using the money from a small job I had done that morning before and which had paid immediately.
  • A friend gave us several bags of groceries (with lots of home canned goodies from her freezer and pantry as well as some meat to fill in where we have cut into our own stores, thanks Connie!) which despite some confusion was brought to our house by another friend.  There was a bit of a mess involved about which I felt awful.   However, God worked it out beautifully so that Rachel ended up getting babysit today in exchange for a piano lesson and most of it ended up being just my discomfort at having everything be a mess and not really be able to make things right when people were going out of their way to help us out.
  • We were the recipient of a package of books from Donita K. Paul (which really deserves it’s own post).  In exchange I sent her a painting based on another one that she really liked.  It wasn’t till last night that I realized that she had also sent promotional bookmarks with it, one of which she signed!  Will take some pictures of the books and bookmarks plus do a bit of a review of the books (which are excellent) when I get a minute.
  • We received a $50 gift certificate for Novica.com (and I get to do a giveaway of another $50 gift certificate to one of you, which is really exciting).  As you know I normally don’t do giveaways but I have been so impressed with their items (which are handmade by artisans around the world) and we have been so blessed by them in the past that I would love to share.  The really cool thing is that tomorrow is our 14th anniversary and we don’t really have anything with which to celebrate so we ordered a few things that we absolutely love as an anniversary gift to each other.  We managed to keep it completely under the $50 including shipping and even had a few dollars left over on it to donate to artisans. As far as the contest goes, I am thinking I will do the contest in the next few days (God willing, I will start it tomorrow).