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A list of stuff to do

I hate lists–you all know that, but today I need one, so I thought I would share since I have so much to do that I don’t have time to post. ;P

We are out of EVERYTHING except paper products and noodles and coffee (if we had been out of coffee I would have gone shopping earlier, believe me.)

  • Put in order for Frankferd Farms so we can pick it up tomorrow when we visit grandma and go to Trader Joes.  (I am TOTALLY out of flour so have an order in for a #50 lb bag, which is still only 427 for organic white whole wheat–praise the Lord. And local honey has not gone up in price either!)
  • Make a list and head to the farmers market, Sam’s Club, GNC, and Aldi.  As I said we are out of EVERYTHING!

  • Oh wait, I have to unpack the car before I go buy one months worth of groceries.
  • And I have to put my husband’s check ion the bank and move some money around.
  • When I return home I have to attack the laundry, put away the groceries, then order hubby the LCD monitor we found for super cheap on Tiger Direct, with free shipping!  Whoohoo!

  • Then, and only then will I attack the growing list of emails and posts in my rss reader.  You all are prolific writers, you know that? 
  • Speaking of prolific writers you need to stop over and check out Deb’s post about our visit–except ignore the last picture, please?  She is so sweet and gracious (and has an incredible flair for decorating–her house is incredible!) and her kids are wonderful and fun and she took way more pictures than I did as I was fighting a sinus infection and my brain was not functioning. 🙂
  • Then I have to go through ALL the pictures I took on the trip and get them organized so I can post them–there are almost a thousand!

  • Finally, when all that is done, I have two movies from Netflix sitting here waiting for me to watch them.  Miss Austen Regrets and An Ideal Husband (the first I have not seen, the second I have and loved.)