Day in the Life 12: Breakthrough and some Pod People

I just stopped what I was doing (working on my doodle-a-day–almost finished and ready to post) because I had made the kids a smoothy and realized that I needed to fill the blender with water (I had left the kids with the full blender drinking their little hearts out.)

I expected to see a table full of empty smoothy glasses and a blender.

I found the blender, and glasses, in the sink, all full of water!

I asked who did it and they replied, “We did!”

Not only did they remember to not leave everything to turn into smoothy cement but no one took credit!

Who stole my kids and replaced them with *pod people?

On the other hand, sometimes pod people is a good thing.

*When I was a kid, when my parents did the weird jeckle and hyde thing I imagined that aliens had come along and zipped on parent like skins–I thought of them as pod people and imagined that if I looked hard enough I would find the zipper marks.

Braving the Storm for a Hoodie

Yesterday it stormed. Windy, rainy, lightening-y storm. It was also 60-something degrees out. More often in February that storm would be ice and snow, though occasionally it is rain, rain, and more rain–of the flood the basement sort.

I didn’t want to go out yesterday. Of course, knowing that the next day was going to be 30-something and snowing was a bit of an incentive to get what I had to do done. While I was till at home pondering whether I really wanted to go out my mom called and told me of a huge sale at JcPenneys. She started the conversation with: “I know you usually don’t by clothes at the regular store but….75% off everything that is on sale”. (She meant I shop thrift shop for everything, and she is right.) Of course the fact that my hubby has fallen in love with a hoodie he received for Christmas and has not worn any of his other sweat shirts since was a bit of an incentive to consider a trip to Pennys (It is a “No more Cowbell ” sweatshirt, referencing a Saturday Night Live skit–it looks good on him and has made him fall in love with hoodies).

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Once again I am not completely happy with this one–the sketch came out very different than the painting–which is fine, but I couldn’t get a good photo of the painting so it is kind of weird and missing the focus on positive and negative space and contrast that I was going for. However, I am going to go ahead and post them anyway, and force myself to continue to do so, just because I need to get over myself. I find using a small pad tricky–I am used to large spaces to work and the tiny pad and pencil/brushes that are bigger than I want aren’t helping me get the affect I am going for.

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IF: Blanket


Just playing around with some on the spot sketching–the kids were huddled up under a blanket watching a movie. Got a new watercolor block–4 by 5 inches–much smaller than I usually work with–also picked up a pen to try some outlining. Not sure I am happy with it but it was fun, which is the point. 🙂 Spent more time trying to photograph it than I did doing the painting.

Our Favorite Breadmaker Bread

I posted this recipe in my original site: The Kitchen, and later on Graced by Christ. We still use this recipe often, in fact it is the recipe I use more than any other. My girls both know how to make it themselves and Issac is well on his way.

This recipe is our favorite breadmaker bread recipe. We use it for everything from the standard loaf to bagels to pizza dough.

My kids love to help measure for this, get out the ingredients, and watch the bread “dance” as my middle child calls it.

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