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Saturday Photo Hunt: Glass



Not really impressive pictures but kind of fun–this is the window in our front door which I, on a whim, painted with stained glass paint one summer day because my husband hated that door and the fact that everyone could see in. The inside of the door itself is painted the same blue as in the painting–painter’s tape blue–the outside is plain white with green stain.

Saturday Photohunt: I Spy

This week was trickier than usual–it took actual planning since I have recently moved all my images to another computer while getting ready for my Ubuntu installation. Last night I was at a loss–no ideas. This morning I grabbed my camera and looked for “I Spy” messes (like in the books my son adores) around the house. They weren’t hard to find–I did not change anything or set anything up.:) It would have been better if I did but, oh well. The top is my son’s lego drawer, the next is his puzzle train block set, the final is our china closet where my kids like to add their treasures to the mix.

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Saturday Photo Hunt: Party

We are not party type people. In fact other than the kids’ birthday parties we don’t tdo them at all and even those are small. However yesterday, with it being leap day and the kids being grumpy due to the weather (it was snowing, a lot and too cold to really enjoy it) and Rachel feeling left out (she wanted to play but the other two didn’t want to do what she wanted to do) I suggested she plan something for them that they would enjoy.

It started with her creating a scavenger hunt. She wrote up about 6 clues and hid them around the house. Then she came back to me asking what the prize should be. I had a gingerbread house kit their aunt had sent that I had been holding onto for a just in case activity. She wrapped that up and hid it in the final spot.

She got her brother and sister to look for clues and helped them out since her spelling is not the best. When they found the kit they headed to the kitchen for a “house decorating party”. (Rachel donned a mask due to her severe cinnamon allergy.) After decorating it they let their daddy join in (he wanted the gum drops–all the rest of the candy was stuff no one could eat). They then put it out in the snow for the birds to enjoy.

(The snow is about a foot deep–Issac is walking on top of a layer of ice.)

Saturday Photohunt: Heavy

This photo came immediately to mind when I saw this weeks theme. I just had to go find it.

Of all my children Rachel has always been the heaviest. When she was little she was in the 90th percentile for everything–she has stayed there through the years. My baby brother (now 16) has always been like me, small for his age. In this photo he is 6 years old, the same age my son is now (my son looks just like him and even has the same mannerisms.) Rachel is 3 months and if I remember correctly ate 16 ounces of pumped milk–thats a lot! She was one heavy little girl even though she doesn’t look it.

Saturday Photohunt: Important

(Yes, I have moved from to here. Welcome to my new home.)

I had a painting that I finished just in time to share but couldn’t get a decent photo of it due to poor lighting. Sigh. Instead I decided to share a most important event of this week, and one of my daughter’s most important dates so far–her tenth birthday. Yes, my oldest is now in the double digits and on her way to becoming a young lady.

She felt it was VERY important that we make a “Hummingbird Cake” for her birthday so we bought a whole Pineapple and dried the slices so it could be decorated just as she wanted. She was very proud of her heart shaped hummingbird cake. (The recipe is here.)