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I have had multiple projects–some of which I have been too busy to photograph. We have also spent a week or so rearranging our workspace and doing lots of computer work which means less actual art work getting done.

Here are a few projects that have been sitting on my drawing table waiting to be photographed.

This is Emily Elizabeth, she is still a work in progress but she is becoming quite a character.

A quote I found which was much needed in our house.

Detail of illustration.

Detail of illustration

Our new chore chart

Our new chore chart–our chores are house wide and rotate weekly.

Tuesday prompt for December 12

Who is the oldest person in your life?

I know others who are physically older but not well, my grandmother however is the oldest at heart.  At 80 she is the same age as our very active neighbor, and though my grandmother is still physically active–she walks several miles daily, her heart is old and careworn.  My grandfather passed away 2 years ago and he was the youngest old man I had ever met, he kept her young.  And since his passing she has steadily gone down hill.

The drawing is not an accurate one, the only thing I really recognize in it is her left eye–it is very, very right and very, very her.  The rest is all just an impression of sorts.


Once upon a time, several years ago, a friend of ours was just starting out in the photography business.  She was building her portfolio and so took a slew of wonderful photos of our family–the first we had had one since Rach was a baby.  Those photos remain the only photos of our whole family we have, and are still favorites.  (Two of them are under children on her site–one of Rach alone and one of the girls together.)

She took one of my all time favorite shots of my girls–one that captures them right down to the toes, literally.  You can see it in the top left corner.  For some time I have wanted to do a painting of it,  I have tried several times and couldn’t pull it off.  (I could NOT do shoes at all.)

This time, however, it is coming together.  I am so excited that I decided to share it before I finished it. 🙂  In fact, I am awfully tempted to leave Rachel’s shoes and legs unfinished.  There is something fascinating about it in pencil though I think I will finish it.

Tuesday Prompts: First thing

This week’s Tuesday prompt is: What was the first thing you put in your mouth this morning?

You can write about it, draw it, photograph it, imagine it, whatever as long as you have fun.

Breakfast: Enzymes, coffee, dark chocolate, almonds, Trader Joes Omega 3 Cranberries, anti-inflammation supplements for Rheumatoid. In that order.  (I would have just drawn the enzymes but that is not nearly so interesting. :))

You can find the list of prompts here if you want to take part next week.