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The Last Present to Wrap

This is the last present I have to wrap.  It was a request by my brother-in-law (who never visits my blog though he does visit my husband’s and occasionally wanders into our house.:))  A few months ago he saw the gnome/elf painting I did based on Rachel’s “small” painting and not only loved it but requested a much larger version with more elf/gnomes in a darker setting.  It took a lot of thought and some study of color theory and reevaluating my palette for me to get it right but finally I am done and happy with it (and in the nick of time, I just need to get a frame.)  The painting is below the jump in case he DOES wander into my blog.Read More

New Painting

For those who don’t check my art blog often I thought I would mention here as well that I have a new finished painting and this one is for sale, though hubby is considering keeping in the family.

Those of you who have been reading a while may recognize it from the photo a friend of mine took a few years ago of the girls.

On another note, there are some decisions going on in our family right now that we could use prayers for wisdom and peace.  Not going into it right now but please be praying.

Random list of lots of stuff going on in my head

After writing that post God took me at my word and spread me as thin as I could manage.  Since then I have:

  • been working on a new painting which you can see over at (it is nearer to being done than it was in the photos).  It is my husband’s new favorite.
  • been working on a new way of doing chores with the kids, and it is working!  Dawn over at Colours of Dawn explained it on her site and I tried it, did I mention it is working?  She has older kids and has been there. 🙂  I should mention that I have tried something similar before but it didn’t work because my kids were not old enough to all be able to do the same chores.  Now they are and each takes on a general job for a week, then we switch each week.  So right now we have a wiper (in charge of all wiping things off that needs done), a picker upper (in charge of all non-obvious picking up of stuff), and a sweeper (in charge of sweeping all non carpeted floors).  Our house is STAYING clean.
  • been preparing for our middle child birthday.  Essie will turn 9 on Saturday.  One of the benefits of turning nine in our house is being allowed to get your ears pierced, which she has done.  And she is getting an Eee PC–a joint gift from all family members for Christmas and birthday, whcih I have had to play with test out.
  • been working on something that I am feeling prompted to do.  It seems odd, but I am working on filling out the form to apply for being on Extremem Home Makeover.  I can’t imagine why other than God had laid it on a friend’s heart and another friend affirmed that she thought we should apply, and a family member agreed.  It is hard to do and taking a lot of my brain to think how best to fill out the forms (it reminds me of filling out college applications).  They ask a lot of questions where you have to explain why you think you should get it and deserve it and I don’t really think we do and should–so many other families are in much more dire need.  Yes, our house has some serious issues, no, we can’t afford to fix it, yes, it causes some trouble with our health issues.  Anyway, it is a hard thing to do but God is still prompting me to do it so I am, for whatever reason He wants as I don’t really expect to be on the show, doing it.
  • sleeping a lot.  I had a migraine all day and slept for over 5 hours of it.  The kids did great and I am proud of them for not trashing the house or killing each other while I slept. 🙂  I have also been feeling very quiet and since I have not had a lot of words, not been saying much.
  • been working at obedience.  God has brought multiple areas where I needed to obey Him to mind since I last wrote and as always that is a hard thing but a good thing.  And so I have been obeying.  Some of those have been about money others have been just putting my foot in the water, like with the application, but also inviting the family of the girls’ friends from my mil’s church to come to our house to celebrate Essie’s birthday.  Turns out their daughter has a birthday the day after and they also were not having a party.  I have never met them so it meant cold calling them, which is hard for me.  However, I am excited as my mother-in-law has been talking about this family a lot as they have a lot of health issues as well (though more physical ones) and also a lot of house issues and somehow I feel we may have a lot in common.  Of course the fact that their kids are the same ages as mine might have somethign to do with it. 🙂
  • And that is enough.  My brain is still smooshy from the migraine and I need to go to sleep.  So I will leave you a picture of Essie in their clean room whcih they cleaned because they wanted to without my prompting!

Sunday Praises

I meant to do a praise doodle this week but life got crazy so instead I am going to share all the awesomeness God did this week.

First, things worked out so Rachel could be out of the house while Essie, Issac , and I took up the carpet in the hall and living room.  They were a HUGE help (they did about half the work, maybe more!)  We are now carpet free except for upstairs and the office.

Then, my mother-in-lawe offered us her leftover paint so we could paint before we put the laminate down.  And she offered to take the girls over night and my dad offered to take Issac, leaving me to paint all evening.

Dad also leant me all sort sof tools to get the painting done including an awesome extension which I used to paint in record time.

This means that the painting is done, other than some touching up which is good because tomorrow I have to work (an Antiques Roadshow sort of appraisal day where cameras will be everywhere and I get to work behind the scenes as a researcher).

Praising the Lord that the paint came off easily so if I do end up on camera I won’t be speckled white. 🙂

Finally, the other cool thing is that my business cards, which I only ordered through Zazzle a few days ago, came this morning, meaning I will have my business cards along just in case someone wants one. 🙂  I don’t have a picture of the card but it is two sided–

the bunny painting on one side,

Sisters on the other, my info on both.

$20 for 100 beautiful two sided business cards–very cool. 🙂 I do love Zazzle.  And they were here in two days, also very cool since I used regular shipping.  God is good, very, very good.