GAPS Diet: 2 1/2 months-ish

I have lost track as we have reached the “just do it” stage and are through the worst of the die-off and are into the regular diet completely.  So far:

  • Rach is now able to eat melon, potatoes (was allergic and should n’t have even tried them yet but was out and chose to with no reaction), turkey, strawberries, a small amount of lemon juice and tomato, citric acid/pectin (which come from citrus or apple usually–both of which she has been severely allergic to–couldn’t have them in the air without a severe reaction), regular frozen yogurt, coffee, and chocolate.  All of those things were things she had a reaction to before, to varying degrees.  Most of them she could eat with enzymes (except the turkey, melon, lemon and tomato) but now she can get away with them in various quantities.  So that is really awesome and she is enjoying her newfound food freedoms.
  • Essie has discovered that her allergy to peanuts has become a bit worse, but then she is choosing to avoid most ferments and broth and so is not “really” doing the diet.  I am hoping that she will realize the correlation and choose to drink the broth anyway (though if I keep ghee on hand she will eat that and will drink smoothies made with kefir sometimes.  I need to buy more coconut oil and make sure there is plenty on hand because she will eat that and butter by the spoonful and thus get her good fats that way.  The real problem is getting her to remember to eat– she forgets and then is ravenous.
  • Issac is doing much better– most of his food allergies are gone though his aversions aren’t really and he is still very picky about foods.  Occasionally he will go nuts for something that he previously avoided, especially if I make sure to make plenty of butter or ghee and add that.
  • I am doing much better in general though I still can’t get near peanut butter.  I actually hit a point where I was tired of almonds which never happens so we are out of almond butter and I haven’t bothered to buy more even though I use it in baking and Essie will eat that (which tells me I need to get some.)  I haven’t been very hungry lately which is funny after being ravenous while on intro and have actually started to loose some weight (not unusual for me in summer anyway so not sure if it is just it being hot out so I don’t want to eat or has something to do with the diet.    It may also have to do with not having a lot on hand that I WANT to eat.  Other than some meat with cheese melted over and maybe a smoothie or some coffee with cream (we have added raw milk back in because Essie will drink that when hungry and has no trouble with it plus it is a cheap food for us at $4 a gallon) all I really want is salad with some cheese, cranberries, and almonds (haven’t tested any other nuts as I have had a lot of trouble there in the past) and a bit of lactofermented sauerkraut on the side.
  • I need to find a new source for ready made lacto-fermented pickles as everyone loves them but are not crazy about the ones I make (too soft.)