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Shopping healthy for cheap

We have gone mostly raw, and almost totally vegetarian in the last few months.  The vegetarian is mostly because organic meat is expensive and my husband discovered recently that it is one of the triggers of a fairly bad allergic reaction he has and which we have been trying to discover the trigger for (that sentence could have been worded SO much better.)  The raw part is mostly because  we have been trying to avoid using AC and the oven heats up the house–so other than quesadillas, grilled cheese, the occasional curry, eggs (just the kids as hubby and I are severely allergic) and fried bread (all using our griddle or the stove top–we don’t own a grill) we have been living on salad, dried fruits and nuts, fresh fruits and veggies, and occasionally thawed frozen ones.  And coffee–lots of coffee.

Today Rachel and I decided to take a walk but it was raining (trust me, this connects to the topic, really).  So she asked to go to the mall to walk.  Since we are trying to save on gas and are still borrowing Dad’s beast (a wonderful grandma car–a Buick Roadmaster to be exact) and are trying not to fill it with miles so he can sell it, Shamus said we could only go if we could think of some other errand to combine with our walk.  We couldn’t think of a thing we needed at the mall but we did need a few groceries and so decided to walk at Target then go to Aldi for the groceries.  We had a set budget of $66 due to a variety of other expenditures.  I figured this would be a great extension of our recent discussions of budgets and how much money we have coming in and going out.  Well, it was, but grocery prices went up and we went over, by $66 to be exact.  But that isn’t the point.

At Aldi there are tons of cheap unhealthy options.  There are also a ton of slightly more expensive but much more vitamin packed options and those were what we went for.  What did we get for our $132?

  • Lots of preservative free dried fruits and nuts (we have to be careful with this as Rach is severely allergic to preservatives and about half the options have dyes or preservatives–read the labels.)
  • Lots of frozen fruits and veggies (nothing with seasoning packs–just good healthy plain and simple fruits and veggies).
  • Lots of  fresh fruits and veggies–no these aren’t organic but we got a big bag of mixed type of pears, lots of veggies, peaches,potatoes, peppers, and tons of bananas, oh and mushrooms–my kids LOVE mushrooms.
  • Canned fruits and veggies (again we have to be careful as a lot of their canned goods have preservatives or tons of added sugar but light canned peaches and apricots with a little corn syrup tossed in the freezer then thrown in the food processor are much better than ice cream)
  • Crackers.  I got a variety of crackers, some Rach can eat, some she can’t but those and tortillas provide most of our simple starches.
  • Rice, lots of rice.  I make a lot of curry so we needed rice.
  • Pasta.  Aldi now carries whole wheat, extra stuff free pasta for $1 a box.  Brilliant.
  • Cheese. Aldi’s cheese is some of the cheapest, and best tasting around.  No it isn’t organic but we couldn’t afford the raw, organic stuff available to us.
  • Treats for hubby: Nilla wafers, honey grahams, pretzels, ice cream sandwiches–Aldi’s has lower fat, slightly simpler fancy ice cream sandwiches, similar to those from DQ-a whole pack for the price of an individual one, which is his favorite occasional treat.  And these are all things that make him happy–much better than say, Gardettos, Combos, and his other favorite junk foods.

On the way home we discussed why we went over and how to avoid it next time.  We also talked about how hard walking had been in Target.  Rachel figured out that if she had bought everything that she saw and wanted while walking around she would have spent over $500 and we just walked the perimeter of the store–she decided that she could easily have spent over $1000 if we had gone into some of the other aisles.  We talked about how hard it is to shop for things needed, on a budget, when someone is constantly asking for things then moping because she can’t have it.  At the conclusion Rachel decided that walking to Sheetz (her favorite walk because she likes their drinks and smoothies) and walking the mall and Target are not nearly as wise as walking someplace where there is no temptation.  It was a good lesson, though expensive (it is awfully hard to turn down someone requesting mushrooms, peppers, and asparagus.)

Baking soda and vinegar shampoo part two

Of all my posts about everything from unschooling to food allergies this one gets more hits than anything else combined.  I find it kind of shocking and unbelieveable but it is true.  And more people find my site through that post than through anything else.  Go figure.

Since we are still doing it (in fact, my husband has joined the ranks and has found that his dandruff is gone and the trouble he has with acne in his hair is greatly diminished) I thought I would update you on how it is going and what changes we have made.

We now keep the the baking soda more watered down and in a Propel bottle (the kind with the squirty lid.)  This way you can shake it up and spray it on your head., which is much easier to deal with than the paste.  We have also added some vanilla extract or whatever scent the family wants (using extracts from the health food store, not oils or imitation ones).  My kids are more likely to use it if it doesn’t smell like baking soda.

I still keep the vinegar in a squirt bottle as well (I have a small vinegar bottle with a squirt lid that works perfectly.  The kids don’t like using the vinegar so seldom do, my husband and I both do however and I find that with my now shorter hair a quick vinegar rinse (making sure to rinse well after) makes it so it doesn’t get oily after a few days.   If you have dandruff rubbing a bit of rosemary oil mixed with olive oil or castor oil into the scalp before the vinegar rinse helps as well.

We now keep a jar of coconut oil in the bath instead of mineral oil (thanks Rachel for the idea). I have added some peppermint oil and lavender oil to it and use that both for my skin and rub the little left on my hands through my hair.   I use lavender and peppermint because I like the smell and I find the lavender helps both my rheumatoid and with headaches, as does the peppermint. If you prefer something more feminie you can add a few drops of rose oil or for a fresh smell add some citrus oil.  Coconut oil is great because it melts at 74 degrees (I believe) but is solid lower than that.  This makes it easy to add other scented oils to and makes it easy to use in the shower.

Herbal recipes

I have had several tweets, email, comments, and facebook comments from people requesting recipes for the things I make at home. So several bits of info and then I will share.

  • Disclaimer: The information I have I have gleaned from the Internet, books,  experience, as well as specifically this ebook which I heartily recommend though I have taken the information she has provided and adapted it to our needs.  I also recommend The Rodale Herb Book (which I found for 50 cents at the library sale and LOVE).  I am by no means qualified to recommend anything from a medical standpoint.
  • I don’t follow recipes.  Well, maybe the very first time if I am nervous of how it will turn out, but after that no.  I adjust recipes according to taste, what I have available, and my mood.  This means that my recipes are NEVER the same twice and it makes them hard to pass on.  I prefer to come at food and herbs from a chemical standpoint–I know how various starches respond, how various fats respond, how various catalysts work and I cook and mess about accordingly.  It has taken a great deal of mistakes (thank you to my mom who put up with my messes in the kitchen, the constantly being out of certain things because I would use them up, and for not scoffing at my mistakes.)  I still make mistakes, a lot, and my husband and kids are rather forgiving when things don’t go so well.
  • All recipes provided are adaptions and should be treated as such.  Also, they are not perfect measures, I go by look and feel.  If it looks too thick melt it back down and add more coconut oil or some other oil, a little at a time till it is soft enough to suit you.
  • top to bottom, left to right: Cough syrup, chapstick, headache salve, Itchy cream
    top to bottom, left to right: Cough syrup, chapstick, headache salve, Itchy cream

And so, now that I have scared you out of actually trying any of my recipes or home remedies here they are (at least a few.)  Gather your supplies before starting–nothing like making something and realizing you have no container to suit when it is ready to pour. 🙂 And so, you will need a container.  I purchased a bucket of the little tins used for weddings but if you have them you can use old tins from candy (like Altoids–though as a friend who tested  another recipe mentioned–don’t fill it past the hinges) or small jars (like those that you get from Burt’s Bees).  I don’t recommend plastic but then I NEVER recommend plastic, but especially not since you will be pouring hot liquid into it.  All but the cough syrup use bees wax.  I bought mine on sale at Michael’s before I realzed that a friend of my brother HAS BEES and therefore HAS BEE’S WAX.  Dur.  It goes a long way though so is well worth it.  You will also want coconut oil (I buy mine for cheap at Walmart but there are plenty of places to get it online.)  Essential oils can be gotten at health food stores or online.  Bottles of juice concentrate can be gotten at health food stores or you can make them yourself.

Flavored Chapstick

Essie modeling the chapstick.
Essie modeling the chapstick.

This is the simplest chapstick though it does require a *blender or, even better, a hand blender.

Take 1 part melted bees wax, 1 part melted coconut oil (or if you want a creamier texture use a bit of olive oil, we added a bit of vitamin e oil to ours).  Blend well with the juice concentrate of your choice–add it a drop at a time until desired consistency—any that does not blend will bleed out.  We also added a drop of honey (for its antibacterial benefits, and flavor.)  This chapstick adds just a hint of color which the girls appreciated. 🙂

As you can see in the picture we added a bit too much cherry and blueberry juice but it tastes good and really makes your lips feel nice.  In the future I plan to try using cocoa and shea butter in it with a bit of peppermint oil.

* Word of warning–when melting bee’s wax–use an OLD pan that you don’t plan on using for anything else–it is REALLY hard to clean.  It is also hard to clean out of the blender–we have had to let it soak with boiling water to get it out–this is one reason I ecommend using a stick blender–easier to clean.

Salves (Headache and Itchy cream)

Both of these are adapted from Tnfarmgirl’s ebook. In the case of the Headache salves I used essential oils, in the other case I made my own oils first, THEN made the salve.  The itchy cream is an antitch salve with the primary herbs being calendula and plantain though, since I didn’t write it down when I made it, I know there are more things in it but can’t remember what.  On the other hand, I know EXACTLY what I put in the headache salve.

Melt together 1 part bee’s wax and 1 part coconut oil.  Add equal amounts mint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils.  (I used about 5 drops each to about 2 Tbs of wax which was actually a bit weak but good since the kids can use it as well.)  Pour into a tin when melted.  Allow to cool before using.  If it is too thick you can remelt and add some more coconut oil or some olive oil or vitamin e oil.

Note: do NOT get this in your eyes, trust me, don’t. On the other hand, it is excellent rubbed into temples or into cheek bones or neck for headaches.

Cold/flu Syrup (a more exact one that is suitable for smaller children can be found here.  )

Once again, for the syrup I used a recipe from Tnfarmgirl’s ebook–she lists potential uses for each herb which is important to know.  Essentially this is a tea cooked down to a syrup with plenty of honey.  Cook it down more and you get a cough drop.

This is not the first we have made and each time we use different stuff depending on what she (Rachel–since she is allergic to most over the counter meds, even the ones at the health food store) needs, and the herbs included are for various things but all ones we know work for her–so think of this as more a stuffy nose, upset stomach, coughing, sneezing, everything syrup.    For herbs I don’t have on hand (unlike thyme and garlic) I use tea bags and 1 tea bag is a serving so I use 1 tea bag for each as a way of keeping some feel for quantities.

tea bags: Calendula (general healing, in this case for her stomach), peppermint (stomach, general health), muellien (ear ache),  feverfew (fever and headache), rose hips (vitamin c)

about a Tbs of slippery elm (sore throat), a tsp of  fennel seeds (stomach ache), tsp garlic (promotes healing), thyme

About 1Boil all of the above in 1 cup of honey and 2 cups of water.  Allow to boil for about 1/2 hour.  While it boiled I poured about a 2 Tbs each  of elderberry and cherry concentrate plus 3 capsules of zinc powder (the only form of zinc she can take) plus a tsp of magnesium powder into a glass jar.  Allow the tincture to cool for about 10 minutes before pouring.  With a funnel and strainer pour  the tincture into the jar with the concentrate.  Stir.

Essie reluctantly holds a spoonful o</p>

[caption id=
Essie reluctantly holds a spoonful of Rachel's cough/cold/icky feeling syrup. She tasted it afterwards and said it wasn't nearly as bad as Buried Treasure ACF.

All of these don’t seem frugal to start but once you have the stuff essential oils etc go a very long way.  And if you get the ebook (no kickback for me–I just love it and my kids love it.)  It has really helped me find herbal remedies that grow naturally and which most people call WEEDS and spurred a love of herbal identification and making our own remedies in the kids.

Sunday Praises

I meant to do a praise doodle this week but life got crazy so instead I am going to share all the awesomeness God did this week.

First, things worked out so Rachel could be out of the house while Essie, Issac , and I took up the carpet in the hall and living room.  They were a HUGE help (they did about half the work, maybe more!)  We are now carpet free except for upstairs and the office.

Then, my mother-in-lawe offered us her leftover paint so we could paint before we put the laminate down.  And she offered to take the girls over night and my dad offered to take Issac, leaving me to paint all evening.

Dad also leant me all sort sof tools to get the painting done including an awesome extension which I used to paint in record time.

This means that the painting is done, other than some touching up which is good because tomorrow I have to work (an Antiques Roadshow sort of appraisal day where cameras will be everywhere and I get to work behind the scenes as a researcher).

Praising the Lord that the paint came off easily so if I do end up on camera I won’t be speckled white. 🙂

Finally, the other cool thing is that my business cards, which I only ordered through Zazzle a few days ago, came this morning, meaning I will have my business cards along just in case someone wants one. 🙂  I don’t have a picture of the card but it is two sided–

the bunny painting on one side,

Sisters on the other, my info on both.

$20 for 100 beautiful two sided business cards–very cool. 🙂 I do love Zazzle.  And they were here in two days, also very cool since I used regular shipping.  God is good, very, very good.

The neighbors must think we are crazy or the story of a red couch

They are probably right.

Seven years ago God provided us with a gift–the perfect couch, the couch I had longed for price we could afford–even though it was not a suitable couch for our family at the time–a red jacquard camel back Harrod’s of London couch.  It was beautiful, and seven years of children being home all day, playing on it, jumping on it, leaping from it, and generally mistreating it–well those sevn years have not been kind to it.

It is still a beautiful couch mind you, it is just that the seat is looking rather forlorn, with stains and holes where the buttons have come undone, it has served us well but the time has come to get something more serviceable.  A household where everyone is home all day, all the time needs a couch that will hold up under duress. Plus I would like to be able to train my kids to treat a new couch with kindness instead of trying to break years of bad habits.

And so, yesterday, after beginning an impromptu yard sale the day before, Rachel and I prayerfully decided to move the couch to the front yard, hoping that someone else would fall in love with it.  This was a big leap of faith because the two burly men who originally moved the couch in took most of a day to figure out how to make it fit.  We prayed and thought and finally and suddenly I remembered exactly how to do it, an “Ah!” moment.  It went out easily at that point though we have no intention of moving it back in.  We would prefer to earn enough money from it to get a cheap replacement–something designed for a dorm room that I won’t feel guilty about kids playing on and which we can easily move around our awkward living room and easily replace, though at this point I am tempted to put it on freecycle and pray for a good home for it.

In the meantime our living room furniture sits on our front lawn, waiting and hoping, and our living room sits empty of seating.  It is a nice feeling not to have to move around furniture to walk through and it will be interesting to see what God has in mind–because if the two of us, an arthritic woman and a 10 year old, can move it outside without help (my husband’s back was out and my dad showed up exactly as we got it outside and just in tinme to help put the door back on) then God MUST have a plan for it.  And we are enjoying the empty space in our living room.

Blueberry Pie

The kids have been collecting blueberries from our blueberry bush all summer, and now that it is full they have been freezing plenty.  Yesterday the kids picked enough blueberries for 2 blueberry pies so of course we had to make some.

We started with the pie crust recipe from my great grandmother’s recipe book–the only pie crust that ever works well for me.  Read on for the whole recipe.Read More

The good, the bad, and the money saving: Helpful sites

Several people have requested information about  what works for me and what doesn’t in the “homemade/ all natural/ frugal” house and body care products category.  (Say that ten times fast.)I was going to write it all out here, then I realized–wow, long list.  So, be prepared for a series. 🙂

I have tried practically everything out there that was cheap and made sense because money has ALWAYS been tight and throw food allergies in the mix and things get crazy.  In fact, when we got married we had budget of $10 a week for groceries/household/body products and that was in 1997–talk about getting by on a wing and a prayer.  At times we have been without washer, dryer, dishwasher, detergents, bath tubs, living room ceilings….yeah, long story, never mind. We have learned, by the grace of God, how to get by without everything but internet access and a computer (which my husband’s work depends on.:))

I thought I would start by sharing my favorite resource for this sort of thing: The Dollar Stretcher.

Sure, I have gleaned information off of many other sites, but I have been using The Dollar Stretcher since I discovered it in 1999.  The articles are sent in by many people so there are a wide range of ideas and suggestions: some are excellent–both frugal and healthy, some are cheap and horrible for you and the environment, and some are not nearly as frugal as they seem.  It takes some sifting but there are plenty of great ideas in there (and you can search by topic.)

I have also gleaned many ideas from my vintage housekeeping books–there are some crazy ideas in there but also a lot of keepers, the hints and tips pages of Family Circle and Woman’s Day, probably 1984-1992, classic children’s books and young adult novels, sheer necessity experimentation, as well as the following websites.

Keeper of the Home


Healing Foods Reference

Natural News

I have found these to be very good sources of information on healthy living as well as helps in finding ways to be frugal while doing it.

Randomly random randomness, really

As most of you know I have been working on a commissioned house portrait–which is now DONE!!!  Woohoo!!!  You can see it, start to finish, here.

Also the new website is coming along much, much faster than I ever would have thunk it (as my step mom says.:))  Yesterday I got all the theme doodles done, today I got them uploaded and though they are not there yet the main site is at least up.  I talked on the phone with a friend–a bouncing things off of sort of friend who had lots great input including take it slow and don’t jump in too fast (she knows me well) and another friend emailed me reminding me to take it slow and wait on God –so I guess God is trying to tell me something, though for me I AM taking it slow. 🙂  While waiting at the pond for the kids to swim I made lists of organizational stuff for the sit–stuff I HATE doing and am never inclined to do–so that was weird–definitely God. 

Also today I sent out an email saying that, yes, I am considering having art classes here in my home so we will see how that works out.

AND we just realized that we ARE going to have another yard sale this weekend, since my stepmom is having one right over the hill and we have stuff for it but a lot of it is too big to drag to their house.  So, another yard sale it is.  Which is fine since we really need to earn a bit more money for our trip in two weeks–for which I REFUSE to plan too far ahead.

I also just received my free sample plus the lip gloss I ordered from Everyday Minerals.  I am SO EXCITED.  I have a lot of issues with preservatives and whatnot in makeup and can only use certain sorts (like some Burt’s Bees but not all).  And Rachel, who is 10 and whom I want to train to use make-up wisely instead of having her sneak stuff later, has serious reactions to dyes and preservatives.  So I have been looking for something that neither of us is allergic to.  I don’t use foundation or anything other than lipstick/gloss, even though my face tends to get red and splotchy but the free sample kit comes with foundation in a powder form so I thought I would try.  (I should mention that I decided to try this stuff at the time when my face ALWAYS breaks out each month.) So, I mixed some of the foundation with my ultra white sunscreen and my husband complimented me each time I put it on saying how good I looked.  He even complemented me when I just used the green powder (which tones down redness).  He didn’t know what was different other than that my “skin looks more even.”  And he likes the lip gloss.  Not only that but my skin is CLEARING UP!!!  It never clears up in the summer and never at this time.  So there is something about this makeup that is helping it.  Plus Rach tested the lip gloss on her arm and didn’t react.  Not ready to check it the rest of the way but good to know that the lip gloss is good. 🙂  So yeah, I suggest you check them out, especially if you have trouble with makeup like I do.

Finally , a little bit of unschool stuff–the kids have spent the last few days practicing brain age trying to get their age down.  They have also spent time drawing with all the cool 20 cent school supplies I picked up at Walmart.  It is very exciting to see them growing in their drawing style (they are taking the art class with the kids online.)  Also they are playing Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing–both help a lot with vocabulary and writing not to mention economics and planning ahead.)  Issac has been reading to me daily while the girls sit and read or listen to The Lord of the Rings on CD.  (16 discs each book.)  Not to mention all the swimming and discussions on physics, friction, bouyancy, oh, and about being a good Christian with a good, non-“legalistic-everybody-does-it-my-way” attitude.  Oh, and did I mention buttons?  I got a couple jars of buttons at the thrift shop and the kkids have been spending oodles of time playing with them, sorting them, and whatever kids do with buttons that does not include putting it up your nose or in your ear.

And that is enough.  There is more but I hate long wordy posts without lots of pictures (this from someone who will read huge novels for hours on end but I am weird like that.)

And I don’ know what is up with the mushrooms.  Ther eare tons at the pond this year and I have become fascinated with taking pictures of them.

My domestic day

So I spent all day baking instead of painting I like I planned.  It was nice and cool and I needed to make bread, and if I am going to make bread and have the oven on anyway then I may as well go ahead and bake as much other as I can think of.  The kids and hubby got 10 dozen cookies, a cake, bread, and 2 loaves of quick bread, not to mention a crock pot of beans and some confetti rice* for dinner out of it so they are happy.

I got a self portrait doodle out of it so I am happy.  (As I mentioned to Jonatha–hubby suggested that I looked like a 1950’s housewife in one of those awful ads: “Use our wonderful baby soap, with full lye” or Eat our wonderful health food, now with more Lard.”–I think I look more like a gypsy or some weird bohemian chick, especially since my hair is done in multiple braids, not cornrows but close enough.)

In the meantime my large house painting is laid out and ready for me to start on, I have a small but full page  doodle in the works, the bills are paid, made plans with mom to drive down to the Trader Joes 45 min away on Wednesday, the laundry is sorted, the kids folded and put away the 4 baskets of laundry that have been  soaking up the stink in the basement, and Issac and I fixed the crack in the tub so now we can take showers again (the lack of a non-leaky tub is the very reason why my hair has spent the last week up in mini braids, well that an how easy to care for and cool they are,) AND I managed to stay home meaning I didn’t use gas.  It has been a productive day.

*We call it confetti rice though I believe it is different than what most people think of when you say confetti rice.  I am all about quick easy meals–cereal and fruit is perfectly acceptable in our household.  My confetti rice is quick and easy and everyone LOVES it, and and I love it because it is cheap:

1 can tuna with olive oil (you can use the broth version, I don’t but you can.  Plus, if you don’t do tuna you can leave it out or use real honest to goodness meat, or if you don’t buy meat because it is too expensive but want some protein in their you can throw in some TVP which I do occasionally though hubby won’t eat it if I do.):))

2 cups leftover rice (in this case it was aborio, but whatever you have)

2 cups mixed soup veggies, frozen (you can use whatever frozen or canned veggies you all like, my kids like the little soup ones and I HATE canned veggies unless they are green beans)

garlic and onion powder and salt to taste (I like lots of onion and garlic powder and a little bit of salt)

Fry all of it together until warm.  Do not, I repeat, do not cook this until the veggies all turn brown.  Ick.  The kids won’t eat it, and that is just gross.  No, you have to just get it warmed up so everything is bright and colorful–kids LIKE colorful food whiich is goo dbecause it is MUCH healthier when the veggies have their color.

Give the picky eater a small sample and insist she come to the table and eat the sample up before going back to her game.  Picky eater will finally taste it then ask for seconds.  Eat it up while still hot.  The end.

Random Stuff and Coming Soon

  • The kids are eating homemade peanut/almond/coconut butter with homemade jam on homemade bread for breakfast.  They are going on about how this is THE. Best. Peanut Butter. And. Jelly. Sandwhich. Ever!
  • Today is a day to go out.  I have packages to mail, library books to return, computers to fix.
  • Due to my weird whatever it is sleeping sickness I have been reading.  A lot.  I have a pile of books to tell you all about and to pass on to my kids to read.
  • My husband has been sucked into the vortex that is WOW.  It will be a while before he emerges, hopefully unscathed.  The good thing is that he has extra work to do which has brought this on plus he is getting irritated at it more often–a sure sign that the game is not long for our house.  Otherwise I would be applying for a WOW Widows support group.
  • Issac got a new bike which we are still trying to replace the tires on.  Sigh.

  • I am finally starting to get back into the posting mode–which is good because lots of stuff has happened that I want to eventually write about.
  • Speaking of things that happened–I learned a lot about myself and my little world last night.  I went to a not Amway party (I don’t remember the name of the company but it is very similar.)  I went because my bosses daughter was having it and I am friends with her and my kids are friends withher kids.  It was eye opening and my husband is very proud of me because I managed to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT.  (It made me aware of the totally other lifestyle that most people seem to live–in fact my trip south was also eye opening in this way.  But that is a post for another day.)
  • I still have an upcoming post about VBS in the works, as well as some thoughts on good summer reads and other natural household items that are very frugal and much healthier than the alternatives.
  • I am thinking of writing about the natural alternatives to normal household cleansers and beauty products.  My brain is full of all sorts of alternatives–I have been collecting them since I was a kid reading my mom’s Woman’s Day and Family Circle magazines and later when I got a hold of several old Household Hints books from the early 1900’s.  Some of them are great, some, well, not so great.:)
  • Related to the previous note–I am still getting hits on the Baking Soda and Vinegar shampoo thing.  250 to date.  Weird.
  • Also, more day-in-the-life of Christian Unschoolers style posts.  I really think that is the best way to clear up the whole “are they learning” issue, not to mention showing how God is growing them.  I am so thrilled at the Christian unschooling community I have found here online.  God is so GOOD!