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Stuff and Photos

First, I posted a new art class over at

Next, I got one painting done so now I have 5 packages to send out.  One painting left to go which is much larger and needs to be done by the end of July before we go on vacation.  Glad the kids have their Webkinz, Ty, and books to read.  They have been keeping very busy so I can work.

Finally, I took the kids to the pond to swim today while I relaxed and read a book and took LOTS of pictures.  Enjoy.

What Happened This Week–a list

  • Monday realized we were out of some things and hadn’t done our biweekly shopping run–so ran to get what was needed with Rachel.  Also ran to the library to pick up some more books for her voracious appetite.  Convinced her to try something a little meatier than the American Girls books she was getting.
  • Tuesday the kids found a nest of baby rabbits.  They ooed and ahed and wanted to help them but we decided to see if the mother came back.  Got the beginnings of the yard sale set up.
  • Wednesday lots of rain, all day.  Worked at the antique shop researching  jewelry then visited grandma in the afternoon.  Came back and found the baby bunnies obviously dehydrated and soaked through–decided to bring them in, feed them, and warm them. (I had dealt with orphaned ones before, though they had been slightly older.)  Warned kids they probably wouldn’t make it.
  • Thursday Bunnies lived through the night.  Set up what I could of the sale on my own (with the kids).  As I went to pick up my brother from the bus stop sop he could help me finish setting up a freak storm hit our utility pole (we think) and knocked out our router, hubbies network card, and the breaker in the kitchen.  Finished setting up sale–no more rain.
  • Friday–a real scorcher. 90 degrees and spent all day outside since I had no internet access anyway.  Bunnies made it through the night but were acting funny.   Worked on paintings while having the sale–lots of people took my business card, showing interest in commissioned work.  Sold some of the big stuff I have wanted rid of.  Later when I went to feed the bunnies found 3 dead–long story but had to do with not enough pooping.  Figured out what to do differently but other two had a hard time eating and were dehydrated.  We had to run to Target to get the new Router and a few other essentials.   Shamus set it up while Rachel and I worked hard to rehydrate the bunnies.  My dad stopped by and fixed the breaker so we could use the kitchen outlets again.
  • Saturday the other two bunnies didn’t make it.  They had been too dehydrated and sick when we realized the day before for us to really help them.  This was significant because my husband has severe animal allergies–they trigger his asthma in a dangerous way, so the kids have very little experience with animals.  I grew up with them and raised a Canadian goose as well as several bunnies, a cat, and several dogs.  They have never had the opportunity to pour themselves into an animals life before, nor to lose the pet.  I am impressed at how they are dealing with it. I made the kids pancakes with berry syrup to cushion the blow then went to set up.  We also had the rest of the yard sale, sold the rest of the big things, then went to the pond for a nice long swim (while I sat with my dad and painted and read.)  Kids are now playing Zelda while I type, all are hot and tired and ready for sleep.  I am waiting for a person from Freecycle to come get the remains of the yard sale.

All in all it was a greatly educational week.  Lots happened that the kids learned from, some nicer than others.  Ready to relax tomorrow.

I do have photos and may add them to this post later.

Wordless Wednesday and then some

It has been raining here–a lot.  Took these shots over at my mom’s place of my dad’s pond.  This is my childhood place. *End Wordless Wednesday*

Things are suddenly crazy busy.  I finished moving the big web site over to the new server and suddenly have tons of art projects, all vying for my immediate attention.

  • Working on a picture book with hubby.  It may go no where but regardless it is a fun project and since my husband is a wonderful word-smith, it is as funny as heck.  We are having a great time and this is shaping up to be a very cute and funny book.
  • Working on illustrations for another writer who sent me a cute story.  Don’t know if anything will come of it but it is a fun project as well.
  • Working on the art classes, still have several more to write plus interacting with all the great kids, and adults, who are involved.
  • Have a commission to do–got it in the email last night.  Need to get printer up and running so I can print out the image so I can get started.  It is a beautiful photo and I can’t wait to work from it.
  • Came up with another story idea for hubby to work on last night–based very loosely on an illustration he had me do for a mini-comic he is posting (probably not safe for kids–his site is a geek site about games and whatnot and I would consider most of his writing PG.)
  • Have some more website work I REALLY need to do, several need designed, another needs information added, another needs some basic maintenance.
  • Need to produce some children’s art that is sell-able (hubby says not to sell the bunnies) for a children’s art gallery/sales site that has shown interest in my work.
  • The kids?  Oh yeah them.  They are happily keeping busy playing outside, reading TONS of books (got 20 out of the library yesterday and Rachel has already gone through 4 of them), playing Wii, playing board games.
  • Finally, I have moved over to Imagekind from Zazzle (Zazzle didn’t play nice with my Ubuntu with Firefox 3 and when I emailed them they told me to install IE7–um, no.  They didn’t even bother to read that I CAN’t–not theat I would if I could.  Ick.)  I am THRILLED with ImageKind.  It is an art print site instead of a product site.  I am really enjoying it all around and have had no trouble with any part iof it.  If you do photography or art and are interested in having prints available to customers I would definitely recommend them–Danielle, this means you.

Buy my art at

Wordless Wednesday

If you are looking for a doodle instead you may want to check out my latest,A Little guy and a Big Red Ball, over at

I have been working on the new multi-site theme so much that our house is trashed and the bigger groceries still need put away.  And so of course we went out yesterday to visit Grandma, go to the park, and go out to eat with her.

While out the kids figured out how to figure out how many waiters were on the wallpaper boarder in the pizza shop (146) without counting them all (they were in groups of eight), they learned that too much greasy food makes you want to eat salad forever, how big and heavy a 50# bag of flour is, that you can play go fish with ocean fish cards in the car (someone has to be the table), among other things.

Random Randomness

  • I am in the midst of a huge blog design change.  Huge I tell you.  I am finally getting all my eggs in one basket but it will take me awhile to get it figured out then organize it all.  In other words I have three websites that will soon all be combined in a way that should simplify things and make it easier for people to find me and my various work.Read More

A Day in the Life 33: Issac

The girls spent some time with my mother-in-law this morning so Issac had us all to himself. He chattered away happily about all sorts of thinks he was thinking. He watched Shamus play a game for a while then wanted to be with me.


I asked him if he wanted to help me finish cleaning in my bedroom–Rachel had been into the wrapping stuff and left a mess, not to mention all the stuff that gets tossed in my closet so it is out of the way. A moment later he was gone, eager to get started.


He emptied my closet then set about organizing it.


Shoes on the door, boots on the shoe holder, wrapping stuff moved to the wardrobe, garbage to the garbage, hangers to the hook, crutches and knee brace to the bathroom closet.


He swept and trashed and happily found all the change on the floor amidst the dust and his marbles.


He then helped me organize the wardrobe so the present and packing closets were organized.


We moved the wrapping bin to the hall to use for laundry.


Afterwards we ate lunch together and talked about compound words (he is desperate to read and loves talking about how words look).


He then showed me how to make various tens and hundreds (he was playing with Cuisiniere rods and discovered the ones, tens, and hundreds theme.


He helped me make cookies for Daddy.


When his sisters got home he helped me burn and gathered sticks from the yard to add to the fire.


Meanwhile the girls played Animal Land (they are being squirrels and chipmunks in their den in this shot.)


A Day in the Life 31: Sunday at the Pond

A bit under the weather today, stupid joints, so I thought I would share pictures from our trip to the pond Sunday–this is where I grew up and very close to my heart.

Feeding the fish out on the dock.

Breaking up slate looking for fossils.

Feeding the fish.

Taking a walk.

Playing pirates.

More fish feeding–these are some well fed fish.

Pulling up anchor.

More pirates.

Fishing for the stick that was blocking the pipe.