About Heather

Who am I?

A Christian. A wife. A mom. A geek. An artist. An illustrator. A documenter. A teacher. A fixer. A mentor. A helper. A reader. An eternal optimist. An encourager. A designer. An amateur photographer.

Lots of stuff.

More specifically I am a work-at-home and work-outside the home unschooling wife and mom with two teens at home, one moved out and husband home all day. I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I work full time as a caretaker for an elderly woman,  I do commissioned paintings and book llustrations. I host multiple websites.  I unschool  my kids and since my husband is home all day too, so does he. I am married to a super geek so I had to learn geekery in self defense. 🙂 I enjoy open source, Linux, D&D, and anime, k-drama and tend to talk geek a little too often for most of my non-geeky friends.:)

I love to read–especially classics and young adult fantasy fiction. I know way too much about J.RR. Tolkien, the Inklings, C.S. Lewis, and George MacDonald. In fact if the choice is between meeting a new person, being at a crowded anything, or reading a book–the book will win every time. 🙂 Old friends are another story.

My older posts are about what it is like to homeschool, transition to unschooling, with kids who are allergic to everything. Nowadays I don’t post as often, being busy with full time work plus building my art and illustration career, with teens who live their own lives and share their own things online, so don’t need me talking so much about them.

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  1. Bonni

    I’d love to talk to you more. Your blog is great, and I’ve been looking for some other Christian unschoolers to get to know.

    • Heather

      Hi Bonni, nice to meet you. Yes, it is always nice to meet other Christian unschoolers! Things are super busy right now but I am hoping to get back to posting soon.

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