About the Artist

I was a lonely child and often spent way too much time reading and drawing.

Erm.  Yes, but lets start over.  I began drawing in girl scouts at about 9 years old.  My first “real” drawing was of a cat.  My mom still has it.  My parents encouraged me to do realistic drawings.  In high school I had a wonderful teacher, Mr. Allegretti, who pushed me beyond my perceived limits.  He introduced me to painting, sculpting, and metal smithing.

In college I  took an art minor, studying figure drawing, painting, and metal smithing (jewelry making only more so). During that time I had the opportunity to spend 3 months at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Poznan, Poland studying fabric arts, painting, and art history. Once I married and had children my focus changed.  It took me years to slowly pick up my pencil and paints again.  A drawing here, a painting there, a pastel drawing over there.

Once I got back on track it took a lot of God stuff to get me past my own fears.  A few years ago I started doing commissioned paintings.  One of these was a house painting which caught on among friends and neighbors who liked the idea of a watercolor painting of their house. I have had quite a few commissions for art work including decorative art to match a living room, numerous house paintings including a huge refinished Victorian painted lady, and plenty of portraits of children. I work mainly in watercolor but have experience in (and love) oil though due to rheumatoid arthritis I no longer work with oils. I do not work in acrylic.

I have illustrated an eclectic mix of items and books including book cover design, internal book illustrations, and a card game.  You can find more of my work at http://tinybookdragonart.com .