Where We are July 2012

July was a hard month. I am glad it is over.

A dear friend of mine (who is very well known in the unschooling community) lost her baby boy and her husband was incarcerated early in the month, which meant much grief in the community. I then spent most of the rest of the month mentoring those who were mourning along with her and trying to figure out how to process this pain when we were getting very little real information. It has taken me personally this long to be able to write about it at all. You can help the family, who are now down to a mother and the four girls through this site.

There have also been many friends who have been struggling with family issues, health issues, you name it. July was a month of heartache on many fronts. It has been a sad month and my heart breaks for those I know who are struggling, and I know so many.

I spent some time trying to write a post about real, honest to goodness ways to help those who are hurting, especially when you are part of online communities and during that time a friend wrote exactly what I was trying to put into words (though I had written them over and over to individuals I couldn’t get them into a post): http://theunshackling.com/2012/07/14/helping-the-hurting/ She has it right on and it is worth a read, because we are in community online and we want to help, even when we are oceans apart.

Speaking of oceans apart, this next month is not only going to be super busy but we will get to meet and host a friend from New Zealand, Grace, the owner of Splashdown books (whom I have done a little work for in the past.) Also we will get to see friends who used to live nearby but moved away, meet the only other grandchild (aside from my kids) in the family when my sis-in-law gives birth somewhere at the end of August, celebrate both Shamus’ and my birthdays, and prepare for my other sis-in-laws coming wedding in September. There is much to look forward to and I am hoping August is a wonderful month, especially compared to July. 🙂

As far as our family and the whole money woe is me where are we going to live question? No change, we still don’t know. We might possibly have a direction but we aren’t sure so are waiting on God instead of talking about it. We have been gradually getting rid of and selling some of the bigger things as opportunities arise. The bank hasn’t indicated an exact date if we don’t get a sale and if we get under contract again (we were but they backed out) then we will have more time– we are really praying that we will still be in the area through the end of September for my sis-in-laws wedding.

And financially, things have been tight but God has continued to provide every time, even when we have ended up down to a few dollars in the bank someone donates or I get some work or Shamus has a random check go through. We need some work done on the minivan (and it needs inspected) so it will be interesting to see how that all plays out. And this time around the Lord has provided that we have been able to really cut down on grocery spending (thank you GAPS diet– we can eat much cheaper now that we don’t need enzymes to eat and we know more about real foods– and the Lord has provided an amazing crop of blueberries and parsley– the only food plants we have). So once again it has been an amazing experience (and this time there has been less panicking– God has gotten us through thus far so it isn’t like He is going to drop the ball NOW. :D) We still have momentary freakouts but they are getting shorter.

In the meantime I am working on a website, have some ideas for paintings but they aren’t ready for paper yet, I continue running the Christian unschooling Facebook group– which continues to grow in leaps and bounds), Shamus is working on a new, excellent book that may well lead to a series, the kids are busy playing games online with friends, drawing, making videos, we are having several showings a week (and random people show up at the door wanting to look around), and life goes on.