Where we are: December

The girls with some activities friends sent while Rach was sick.

It has been a long couple of months. Two months ago we set out to get the house ready for sale, hoping we could do a short sale or maybe even sell for full price before the foreclosure went through. (We have been able to pay everything but the mortgage for 2 years now– there has been no question of foreclosure and since the Lord was providing and ONLY provided the funds for everything else we have been waiting and trusting. Up until 2 months ago we have not had any peace about attempting sale.) Then Rach got seriously sick for a month, and when she was finally better Shamus got sick and was unable to work. Now here we are, finally with a date for the sheriff sale (January 6) and finally listing our house for sale tomorrow. If a sale goes through before the foreclosure then it will be an absolute miracle.

So that is where we are. Three weeks from sheriff sale and still looking for a place that is safe for Shamus to live that we can afford. We have a couple possible solutions and are praying about each– we figure there is no point in jumping in if God isn’t in it and that He will provide the best situation to suit in His time.

Shamus’ first book (the autobiography) has been published and all the odd circumstances recently have kept his fiction novel from getting ready for print so we are again waiting on God there (which also means waiting on the potential funds that will bring.) God has very obviously been at work in every aspect of all of this so we are again in a place of trusting and waiting. We have had a small group of friends praying for us but due to the circumstances didn’t feel right about sharing with a larger audience until things got closer and possibly we had some answers about the next thing. Still no answers but we have peace that He is at work and will take care of us as He has up until now. Now, finally , we are feeling led to share more publicly in a way that others can be sharing in our prayers for wisdom, peace, and a home that is dander-free and suitable to our family. None of our family has a safe place for him to be so that is out and it will be interesting to see how He solves this one.

It has certainly been interesting from an unschooling perspective– we are all learning a ton about many things. 🙂

In the meantime I am doing everything I can to make this house sell-able and be a good steward of the house He has given us up until now. We are also packing things up and getting ready to go when He says go. In other words, I am exhausted so prayers for energy and wisdom to know the next thing and to know when to rest would be a lovely addition to the prayers for a dander-free home that we can afford (and the finances to pay for such a place.)