“This week we want to…” get everything done we have planned.  We have  Rachel’s piano concert, a visit to Pittsburgh to meet up with my best friend from high school whom I haven’t seen in years, a Father’s day celebration.

“The kids are…” excited to go to a new kids day at the library tomorrow.  Happy they got to spend the day with friends.  Happy and busy doing what they love.

“I am learning….” some cool new coding things that have recently come out, to juggle more things at once and balance it all.

“I am struggling with…” going  to bed at a decent time and getting up at a decent time so I can get things done and see Shamus (who is sleeping during the day).  Also struggling with having a list of things to do on certain days– I prefer laid back to must dos and to not over empathize with those who are hurting.  When I do I get moody and cranky and am not able to be a good wife and mother– so need to stay focused on the positive and lean on God instead of joining in when others are struggling.  It is  a balance– I am not a good leader– I like to fix things and make them better and too often I can’t.

“This week is the first time….” I found not one but 2 decent shopping cart programs for wordpress sites.  YAH!  Also got some painting done– sadly weeks when I spend a lot of time working on paintings and websites mean the house gets trashed.

“I am grateful…” for God’s faithful provision.  It has been amazing to see and even though I forget He does provide, over an over.