Plank Pullin’


I pride myself on looking for the good in people and things and have often, in the past, chided my daughter for her rotten outlook on life and for not looking for the good in people.  Really.  And usually I am pretty good at seeing all sides of a situation (I actually picture it as a ball in my hand, rotating it around to see it from every angle– yeah, that is how my brain works. :l Weird brain.)

Well, this week, TWICE, I have had conversations with this wonderful wise young woman of mine and SHE has pointed out to ME that I was looking at people from a negative perspective– thinking the worst instead of looking for the positive and seeing that there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

So, there’s the pride, watch it fall.

So now I need to grab that plank and yank it out, reminding myself to look at the situation and really see what is going on instead of just what is on the surface, knowing that I CANNOT read a persons heart, only God can.  And praise Him that this child HAS become positive and really does have a wonderful outlook regarding people and all their issues.

* and this is me completely unable to type because I am short on sleep and had coffee to make up for it.  Typos are our friend.