In Case You are Wondering

where I have been.  PAX East put a new bee in my bonnet:

Click here to watch awesome video of Birdhouse in Your Soul

Well, not that sort but still.  It’s a good song.

So I started another blog, thanks to meeting all the lovely people at The Escapist (the fact that there are other female gamers out there over 25 is AWESOME!!!! ) and got me thinking lots of thinky thoughts that I needed somewhere other than here to park.   I love you all but I think it may totally alienate you if I went on and on about games and story and art (which is what the new site is about).  That said, you are welcome to hop over there and join the discussion.  There are only 4 posts and I would definitely start at the beginning with “Another Website?!?!?”, where I explain WHY I am making yet another website.  Also, for those who are fellow unschoolers,  I interviewed both girls about female video game characters.  I didn’t interview Issac, not because he is a boy but because I asked if he wanted interviewed about it for on the blog and he said, “Nahhh.  I don’t play girl characters.  Though the girls in Harvest Moon that I like are really pretty–I have pretty good taste.”  He then proceeded with the running commentary about all he is building in Minecraft.   What more can you expect from a 9 year old boy–at least he wasn’t on about cooties and all the typical stuff like a 9 year old boy would.

And if you don’t care about geeky stuff, go back up to the top and listen to “Birdhouse in Your Soul” because regardless of geekiness it is an awesome song.