Packing Up

Things have been crazy busy here as we divvy up the children, pay all the bills and do everything else necessary before we head out for our first weekend getaway in 14 years.  However, God is working out all the crazy bits and pieces that keep coming our way (like lost GPS cords, trying to figure out who will be where when, etc.)

Part of the craziness has been getting things prepared in a way that leave Shamus comfortable and at ease and prepared in a business sense.  So aside from packing we also needed to get him some business cards and set up a Facebook page for him so we can easily upload images from the event and otherwise update (the Facebook page is here if you want kept up-to-date.)

Please be praying for safety (12 hour drive here we come), that we all have peace and everythign we need when we need it, that God continues to provide (and this doesn’t totally break the bank –12 hr drive x rising gas prices=?) , that we have wisdom and peace, that good will come of this (I figure it will since God has orchestrated the whole thing) and that we stay in God’s will.

And now I need to get back to it.  The kids are getting nervous (this will be the longest time away from both Shamus and I any of them have had.)