PAX East

Today we finally, after some fussing with banks versus Paypal, paid ALL of our bills, well, except the mortgage.  We also have plenty of groceries, all thanks to God’s most recent provision.

We had one more big thing that we had been praying about for 2 years now, a thing which we are pretty sure will be beneficial to Shamus networking wise and certainly beneficial writing wise– we wanted to go to PAX East.   For those who don’t know, it is an east coast (read: driving distance) video game conference run by the great folks from Penny Arcade (I would link but you can look it up if you want to–they are not always suitable for young audiences looking over the shoulder).  Suffice it to say they started out with a webcomic based on video games and then went on to take over the world.)  We also wanted to go because we haven’t actually stayed overnight away from home since our honeymoon (unless you include hospital stays during the birth of our 3 kids and when Rach was in the hospital– trust me– I don’t.)

So, we prayed about it.  When tickets went on sale we had money for tickets but not rooms.  Then someone offered us a room but we didn’t have money for tickets let alone the money for the 12 hour drive.  Then we didn’t know what we would do about the kids.  Plus Shamus hates travel and had all kinds of concerns that needed addressed (and which made it very unlikely).  And so it went so we assumed we weren’t going.

Until this week.  Somehow God managed to orchestrate things so that we were able to find a completely animal free hotel with a front desk person who’s son had severe animal allergies and understood my concern.  Said hotel  just happened to be in our price range, has a kitchen (so we don’t have to go out to eat except when at the conference itself). We were also concerned about the confusion of taking an hour and a half long ride on public transit with multiple switches– until I talked to the hotel and it turns out there is a line that goes straight there.  Then the Saturday tickets were sold out so we thought, nope, not going.  Until we realized, derf, that is Sabbath so we wouldn’t want to go that day anyway.  And considering that we would be on our feet all day Friday and Sunday sandwhiched between a 12 hour drive, a day off started looking really good.  So we are actually looking forward to the break on Saturday despite it “being the best day to go”– if God wants us to go then He can make things work out so that it won’t matter that we miss Saturday (in fact, looking at the itinerary there was only one thing we were even slightly interested in on Saturday and that is likely to not be near as good as it seems from the blurb.)

After that we just needed to figure out what to do about the kids–we didn’t want to saddle anyone with all three for 3 nights (nor make the kids have to stay with anyone person the whole time, and we were leery of asking.)  But that all worked out perfectly (including hand-offs so no one has to all three at any one time) thanks to wonderful family members who really want us to get to go.  The other awesome thing is that not only are the kids excited about visiting family while we are gone but they are just really excited that we are going.  They WANT us to have a vacation together and are planning that we use the $8 they gave us to go out and share a meal for our anniversary to get ourselves some dinner while we are there.  Having lived in Massachusetts in the past and having been to Boston multiple times I know there is no way it will buy much but boy doe sit make them happy we will be able to spend it there. 🙂

Then we kept waiting to buy the tickets.  First it was one thing, then another, but we finally got the go-ahead and got them– which I did today. So now, God willing (praying we don’t get a freak snow storm–it’s happened) we will be going to PAX East next weekend.  It will be our first vacation together since our honeymoon in 1997 (you will notice that Shamus is never in my vacation pictures–that is because he never goes.)  We are both as excited about the Saturday break as about PAX itself though we already have plans to hang out with our gaming group for a bit at the conference.  And then, even more awesome, it turns out that the hotel is a block from the beach so on our Sabbath rest we can walk over and look out at the ocean.  Even if it is a blizzard I will probably do it– I adore the ocean and miss it like crazy.

Next step is printing up some business cards for Shamus to simplify meeting people.  After that is planning who needs to take what where and making sure we are stocked up on everything.  And God willing, it will all continue to work out perfectly.