Things have been so busy and crazy that I haven’t managed to write about God’s most recent provisions so I am listing them now before I forget.

  • We were gifted the amount of money we needed to pay the gas bill (and keep the gas on).  This is rather important given the freezing temperatures and that our house and stove both use gas to heat.
  • We were gifted an Amazon gift card that was just the right amount (with a little bit left from a previous gift card) to buy the other enzyme we use as well as some coconut oil, which was on sale.
  • A family member showed up with spinach (which we love and were out of).
  • We received another book from Donita K. Paul in the mail (I had neglected to check and see how many were in the series so didn’t realize there was another on the way.)
  • Today we received another gift of money that will cover another bill that is very due.
  • We also received some more groceries that were very much needed.
  • I was able to do laundry at my in-laws today (dead washer).
  • While I was gone my oldest cleaned the house and middle child did the dishes and prepared food for dinner.  (Issac was hanging out with Pappap at the pond.)
  • A friend gifted us with a vitamin supplement that was much needed.

I prefer to tell the stories attached to each blessing but I am still recovering from being under the weather yesterday and my brain still feels like fuzz.  Regardless, God is amazing and keeps providing for us at every turn.   It is still nerve wracking at times (like right now when I am unable to access ANY of the accounts online so I can see what has been paid and not been, instead I just keeping hearing God say, “Wait” and “Trust me” even though 2 of the bills mean shut off if not paid by the 31st.  Scary?  Yes.  Amazing to behold?  Yes.  Am I going to walk away from the computer so I stop worrying at it?  Yes.)

Oh, and as a side, work has begun on the box art for the game, which is very exciting.