God’s Fingerprints

So I mentioned in the last post that God has been providing in many amazing ways and always at the 11th hour.

Essie and I are making Indian food for Sabbath. We decided what we were making but weren’t thrilled with the combination. She REALLY wanted to make a recipe that called for coconut but we were nearly out so I was being careful. At that moment there is a knock on the door and my husband brings a giant Amazon.com box to the kitchen. The big box contained a box of organic unsweetened coconut and another box with Thai Kitchen coconut milk, a gift from dear friends of the family! So not only are we having veggie (WITH coconut) and meat samosas plus curry for dinner but we are also having our favorite coconut desert! The other two kids are going to be tickled pink when the get home! And I am near tears because not only did this gift make our meal better but it also made up for the fact that I didn’t have the money, gas, or time to go get raw milk this week which means we are nearly out. The kids will enjoy the change of having coconut milk instead and Shamus is thrilled to have some sort of sweet in the house.

The exciting thing is that we have been working our way through the Bible again, are because we ended early last year and started right in we are in Exodus. We left off right where God is giving Moses the dimensions and details of the tabernacle. I had been explaining to the kids (again for the older two but this is the first year Issac is really paying attention) that this part is important to me despite its tediousness because it reminds me that God cares about the details. He cares about the lampstands, the priests clothing, the very tabernacle itself, every little detail of how all of them are made so much that he gives EVERY detail while still leaving artistic interpretation for the artisans whom HE provided! I find this so exciting and todays gift of coconut stuffs is the perfect reminder (which WILL be brought up during tonights Bible reading. :))

So, thank you to the David, Ceri, and Smiley who have again and again blessed us not only with your gift but for allowing God to use you to remind us of His care even of the small things. You guys are awesome and such a blessing to us.