As the New Year Approaches

We have spent the last year in a place of not knowing.  We knew that something would have to change, that something had to give, that God was doing something, that He is doing something but not what or how this all would turn out.    We still don’t.  However, we finally have a potential outcome, one at least that will help us choose a direction.  We have spent 9 months trying to work with the mortgage company (we had enough money coming in to pay either the mortgage OR the other bills but not both).  Last month we finally managed to get on the same page as the mortgage company and file all the right paper work to see if maybe, possibly they would like to work with us so we could make some sort of payment and not lose the house (we have honestly been trying to do this for 9 months and it has taken this long for them to get their act together).

So today, finally, they contacted us to say that they were looking to work with us on this if we filed some other paper work and had a certain amount in our account at the time of filing so they knew we were saving and trying to make payments. Now, in the next few weeks we should have more than double that amount (should is the operative word here, we have no idea when and even if this check we are owed is going to show up) but we have to turn in this paperwork by the end of the week or they are going to move forward with the foreclosure which from what I understand would go through sometime around June.

Now, this house has serious issues.  We could try to sell it but with a leaky roof, a leaky basement, multiple other serious issues, and our having a significantly more integrity than the people who sold it to us it would be awfully hard to sell (especially in this area, where 1 in every 5 houses is for sale).  We certainly don’t have the means to fix it up and put it on the market and having been unable to pay for months the money due is way above what it might actually sell for.  It has been a good house for us, regardless.  Lots of issues, yes, but it has met our needs, had plenty of space for our growing family, and taught us a lot about fixing things. 🙂

Here is the deal.  We need very specific prayer.  God is very capable of providing more than enough cash to pay our bills and to keep us in this house  just with what we are owed let alone all His other resources.  (This money is for work Shamus did over 7 months ago and we expected it in November judging by previous checks so we have been wondering for some time if He was withholding it for this reason.)  The thing is, we want His will and if He wants us in this house then great and if He wants to get us out then fine.  We don’t want to be in debt and have hated not being able to pay but if this is how He chooses to remove us from this house then so be it.

So first, please be praying that His will be done in this.  We have no idea where we would live if not here– it may be that He has a job elsewhere for Shamus or that we will just rent somewhere nearby(that is another whole issue–  due to severe animal allergies Shamus can’t live anywhere that has had pets within the last 12 years).  We have been praying about several employment opportunities but the timing has definitely not been right and we would really like for him to be able to continue to write and work from home for his sake as well as for our family’s.  We are willing to go where He wants us but don’t want to move if He doesn’t want us to.

And second, if the check must wait till after this week (so that the house continues in foreclosure ) then please be praying that we have the means to pay the rest of the bills due in a timely manner.   Things are due very soon and we really need that check, or some other check to pay the bills that are overdue as we are coming close to when they start shutting things off.  Nerve wracking yes, but He has proven Himself more than faithful and we are trusting Him to provide–as I said, we are owed specific amounts that, if we received the money, would keep us going for 6 months or more, we just need enough of that to keep us going another month, and then the next, and so forth.

And thirdly, please be praying that we are moving in the direction He wants us to go.  Shamus and I both have projects going that could potentially bring in a little (well, mine is a little, his could be our new bread winner) but again, we want to be in His perfect will.  Shamus is finally doing what he is passionate about, and doing it well and has figured out how to monetize it (we think) and we do really feel this is where God is leading but we don’t want to miss it if He is leaning towards something else.  So your prayers are coveted to mingle with our own.

And so life in Christ is nothing if not an adventure– it’s a good thing we enjoy adventures, even if we do end up having an awful lot of close shaves. 🙂