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Almsot 9

And now he is 9.  He has had an awesome birthday, except that in his excitement he woke 4 hrs earlier than usual and thus is a major crank today.  Otherwise he has had a great birthday, actually getting presents that were exactly what he wanted, and was saving for.  Which is nice.

And today after a near panic (in my head) about how certain monetary needs would be met in the future, we received an extra last check from my husband’s old company, which is nice and which will fill the final gap in the cost of the half of a steer we were saving for.  This will save a great deal of money in the future, unless our deep freeze dies– every time I walk into the store that I have to go to to buy the hormone/antibiotic free beef that is the only sort we can eat I walk out having spent at least $50, only a portion of which was on the beef.  The half a steer is also MUCH cheaper for the meat itself, which is also good.  The fact that we don’t eat pork, are allergic to poultry (anaphylaxis to the cheapest meat is just lovely, thank you), and I am sad to say several of my children have inherited my complete hatred of most fish means that grass fed, organic beef is about our only meat source.  Sigh.   Good thing we all like beef.

Also in the household news, lessons have been learned about triggers of outbursts and depression for certain children, which led to lessons in redemption and forgiveness, and in doing ones homework (for for outside lessons) so one does not feel stressed and then depressed because one has not done ones homework.  (This is a lesson that unschooled children do not learn as quickly as public schooled ones–though I have known many such children who never did learn said lesson.)

Also, earlier this week I punctured my ear drum, again.  Long story short: used course see salt  and too much of it in my neti pot, which led to huge pieces of salt up my nose, which led to burning, which led to sudden and extreme nose blowing (STOP the BURNING), which led to right ear drum popping and a whole day lying down on a hot pack.  Anyway, so now I am going around with a silicone ear plug to block the ear so it doesn’t hurt so much and answering way too many questions about the neon orange thing in my ear.  So, that has been fun.