There is a lot of stuff  keeping me from the computer right now.  And I really don’t know how long that will go on.

  • Money stuff.  I am spending most of my spare time trying to do everything I can to use what the Lord has provided to make ends meet.  They don’t meet, and won’t until the quarterly paycheck comes but in the meantime I am working hard to make what we have extend as far as possible.  The whole time=money thing is VERY true.
  • Family stuff.  Extended family stuff that I will not go into.  It is a mess and for some reason I seem to have been made the center of it, which I HATE.  Lots of nasty stuff there  but prayers are very coveted for myself (so I can sleep at night and have peace), for my husband who is my hero (for wisdom and more wisdom in dealing with this), for my family (who know the truth and are standing by us), and for the person(s) who are hurting and accusing (that they may know the Truth and the truth and find peace and healing– both in spirit and in mind).
  • Health stuff.  As anyone who who has read for more than a little while knows we have lots of health issues, especially Rach.  And when Rach gets sick we all go into overdrive.  And Rach is sick, though for the first time she is showing no sign of seizures while sick.  Praise the Lord.  However, due to the nature of Rachel’s health issues getting sick is extra hard on her system so we are being very careful, not only trying to keep the rest from getting sick but also taking extra care that she have everything her body needs to get healthy quickly.  This is especially interesting given the first bullet point.  This combined with my own struggles with RA and now the Sjogren’s on top of that–well it IS interesting and I hate being bored. 🙂
  • Weather stuff.  Snow and lots of it.  Being snowed in is nice except when you have to dig yourself out so you can get what your sick child needs.

Otherwise we really are all doing great.  The house is getting cleaner, the kids are happy and other than Rachel, healthy, Shamus’ work is going well, and God is blessing us in amazing ways.

Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” Job 2:10